Connected Room Air Conditioner FAQs

  • What is a Smart Appliance?


    A smart appliance ‘talks’ to your smart device using wireless (Wi-Fi) technology. Smart Appliances may tell you that your air or water filters needs to be changed, or that the cycle on your dishwasher has finished. Smart Appliances make tasks easier to do at home and could help you save energy costs. 


  • What does the Frigidaire app cost?


    The app and the connected functionality are free. Standard text rates may apply if you do opt to receive text message notifications.


  • How do I create an account with Frigidaire?


    To create an account, you will need a valid email address, password of at least 6 characters and one number (no spaces) and a secure password-protected wireless internet connection.


  • What are the Hardware and Software Requirements?


    Our Frigidaire®  app is available on Apple’s iTunes® store and runs on the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPad Mini®. You can download the app at Apple iTunes®. For Android® smart devices (smart phones and tablets) you can download the app at Google Play® store.  More detailed system requirements are listed here:

    Apple iOS:

    iOS 8.0 or greater
    iPhone® 5 or newer 
    iPod® Touch (5th Generation or newer)
    iPad® 2 or newer
    iPad®  mini (1st Generation or newer)


    Android® 5.0 or greater

    Home Router:

    Home Router must support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (5GHz not supported)


  • How do I reset or change my password?


    On the sign-in screen, simply click on “Forgot Password” button. You will be prompted to enter your email address and you will be sent a link to reset your password. 


  • How do I reach Frigidaire customer care?


    Please refer to the information in this section to answer your questions. If you are still having problems, call our hotline at 1-800-311-4667 for support Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, EST or contact us via email at 


  • How do I register my Smart Appliance?


    When you create an account with Frigidaire and link it you your home Wi-Fi, the appliance will be registered with Frigidaire and automatically activates your warranty. 


  • If I lose power, does my appliance lose its connection?


    Yes, if power is lost to the entire house, your router will be disconnected from the internet as well, thus disconnecting the connection to the appliance. The good news is that as soon as power is restored the appliance will automatically re-connect and function normally without user intervention. If you are connected and running at the time of the power loss  you may receive a “Connection Lost ” notification. 


  • What happens if I change my home router?


    If you change your home router any time after connecting to your smart appliance, you will need to reprovision your new home router to the smart appliance. You will need to use the same email and password that you initially provisioned with.


  • How do I connect my appliance to my Frigidaire app?


    Review the Quick Start Guide step-by-step instructions for instructions on how to connect your appliance.


  • I am having trouble connecting my Frigidaire App to my Smart Room Air Conditioner. What can I do?


    •Ensure Air Conditioner is not too far from your Router
    •Press and hold 20 seconds (to hear 3 beeps); then repeat steps from the Quick Start Guide to connect your air conditioner
    •Ensure your Wifi network is password protected. If it is not, you will need to add a password
    •Ensure your Wifi password and name do not contain any of the following special characters:
    Quote ("), Forward Slash (/), Backslash (\), and Ampersand (&)


  • Can multiple people in the same household use the app on multiple devices?


    You can download the app to multiple devices in the same household. However, you will need to use the same email and password to login.


  • Where do I get the Frigidaire app?


    Users can download the Frigidaire app from Apple’s iTunes® store or Google Play® store.