What is Air Fry and how do I use it with my Frigidaire oven?

Air Fry allows superheated air to circulate in the oven to provide crispy, golden results without all the oil that deep frying requires.

Use the Air Fry feature in your oven and save time and space on your kitchen counter. No need for a separate appliance on your counter! 

Use dark bakeware with little to no sides or try our ReadyCookTM Air Fry Tray to get the best results. The ReadyCookTM Air Fry Tray comes with an Air Fry basket and Oven Rack that allows for improved airflow for crispier results.

Don’t forget to place a baking sheet under the Air Fry Tray to catch any drippings. Air Fry feature is not available on all models.

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