Shaping living for the better for all families, so we can live happier and healthier.


Creating a Brighter Future

At Frigidaire, we're here to make healthy meals yummier, favorite clothes lasting longer, and keeping the air in homes fresher.

Together, we can live healthier and make our planet cleaner.

As a proud part of the Electrolux Group, we've made advancements across three key areas:


We’re working continuously to be more resource efficient, safe, diverse and ethical.

 Reduced 83% CO2 emissions in operations since 20151

 Over 94% of the total waste produced at our manufacturing sites in North America was recovered in 2021.

 Moved to 100% renewable electricity in our North American sites.

We strive to deliver efficient, high-performance appliances for families, without increasing environmental impact.

 Converting refrigeration refrigerants from HFC to naturally occurring R600a, which offer a lower carbon footprint

 Increasing recycled content in our wall ovens while reducing their steel weight by 11%.


Our thoughtful innovations help all families minimize the mess, cut down on wastefulness and simplify life.

 Reducing produce waste with our CrispSeal® Crispers.

 Making healthier twists to family favorites with Air Fry.

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"In the future, I think that we will look back at this time as a pivotal moment.
And when I look back, I want to see it as a moment that made us change for the better."

Jonas Samuelson
CEO & President - Electrolux

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