Water Filters
We know pure, great tasting water is critical to your health and your family's. That's why our Genuine water filters are specially designed to work in Frigidaire refrigerators to remove the most contaminants possible.

Pure water. Peace of mind.

When it comes to your water filter, compatible isn't comparable.
  • Frigidaire Genuine filters offer 3 levels of carbon filtration that trap sediment, chemicals, and harmful impurities.
  • Our filters are NSF certified, the gold standard in water filtration.
  • Compatible or look-alike filters aren't guaranteed to offer the same water quality. Some may even leave your water in worse condition than it started.
How Do Water Filters Work?
Water filters are designed to keep our drinking water safe from contaminants. Here are the main types of water filter technology and what they filter out.
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What Do Water Filters Remove?
Unfiltered water can contain minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other organisms that can potentially cause serious illness. Water filters are designed to remove these impurities.
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How To Change Water Filters
Proper maintenance that includes replacing your water filter every six months can guarantee that your water stays remarkably pure and fresh tasting.
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Could Your Water Filter Be A Counterfeit?
They look the same as Genuine filters, but counterfeit water filters can cause countless problems with the quality of your water and even the function and maintenance of your refrigerator.
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What's in your water?
Enter your Zip Code in the Environmental Working Group's Tap Water Database to see what contaminants are in your water.
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Fresh water on your schedule.
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