Filters keep your fridge fresh

A new air filter absorbs odors and keeps them away, even more effectively than baking soda. And an ethylene absorber in your crisper helps produce last longer, cutting down on food waste. Now that’s fresh!

Frigidaire Genuine Air Filters work better than baking soda at keeping your fridge fresh.


Taste the difference

You trust your fridge to keep your food fresh. Your Frigidaire Air Filter regulates the whole fridge. It works hard to absorb odors from strong foods like onions, preventing those odors from affecting the rest of your food, for up to six months.


How it works

The air inside your fridge is constantly being recirculated to keep it cool and preserve your food. Each time the air circulates in the fridge, it goes through an air filter that uses carbon technology to trap odors and keep the air fresh, more effectively than baking soda.

Get started!

Ready to install your new air filter? We’ll show you step-by-step how easy it is to keep it fresh!

Remember to replace your air filters every 6 months!

Look for the Genuine Seal

Genuine Frigidaire Air Filters are trademarked by Frigidaire, and proven effective at capturing odors and keeping your air fresh. Knockoffs and counterfeits may not be as effective or fit your appliance correctly.

What you need to know

Fruits & veggies release a naturally-occurring plant hormone called ethylene gas, that can cause them to ripen faster. Frigidaire ethylene absorbing air filters stop the gas in its tracks so your produce stays fresher, longer.


Save your produce, save your money!

Longer-lasting produce means less food waste. Keep fruits & veggies fresh and tasty, so you can enjoy them before they go bad!

How it works

As produce naturally releases ethylene gas, these filters absorb and trap it before it can affect the other fruits & veggies. Be sure to regularly replace the filter, so it can keep working its best!

A difference you can see

A few days can make a big difference in the taste and appearance of fruits and veggies. See the difference an ethylene gas-absorbing filter can make!

Remember to replace your air and water filters every 6 months!

Fresh water, fresh air, fresh fridge!

Keep your fridge working its best. Get cleaner air, fresher produce, purer water and ice when you replace all three together. Make it easy to remember and install all at once!

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*Performance may vary depending on the application.