Dennis The Prescott

The kitchen is the center of our home. The place where people congregate for dinner, over drinks, and where my day-to-day work happens. Since I spend long days cooking at home for work, my dream was to create a highly functional, professional quality, beautiful & inviting work space. Removing the upper cabinets and adding open walnut shelves helped to create this bright, inviting natural light space – a food photographer’s dream come true. We love the deeply rich look of walnut, so we mirrored the open shelves by installing an island top with waterfall edges on top of the existing island. The island top helped to add a splash of color and texture to the space, along with the stunning stainless steel appliances. We moved the existing fridge location by a few feet so we could add a pull-out pantry beside our new Frigidaire Professional French Door Refrigerator. The Frigidaire Professional appliances are a complete homerun. Out of the park. Installing the Frigidaire Professional 30” gas range is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Whether cooking for a client, my family, or for 30 people, it’s the perfect kitchen appliance for the home chef. Installing the range and dishwasher beside each other (and next to the sink) makes clean-up a snap.

Crank up your cooking tip:

Create a bright and open kitchen space by removing upper cabinets and adding open shelving.

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