Is it normal for my dryer to make sounds or noises?

Belt buckles or other metal fasteners on items being dried may cause rattling or clanking sounds. You can fasten these items or turn garments inside out to reduce the sounds.

Rattling or clanking sounds may also be caused by foreign objects (such as coins) in the drum.

If you think this is the issue, stop the dryer and check for any objects in the drum. If none are present and the sounds continue, we recommend running an empty load to see if the noise continues.

This will allow you to determine if the noise is coming from the unit or an article that was being dried. If the noise is still present during the empty load, please contact us.

The normal operating sounds of a dryer are listed in your Complete Owner’s Guide and include:

  • Water Value (steam models only)
  • Suspension RollersAir Flow System
  • Gas Value (gas models only)
  • Gas Burner (gas models only)

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.

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