Resists Fingerprints and Cleans Easily. Resists Fingerprints and Cleans Easily.

Frigidaire Gallery® offers an exclusive line of Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel kitchen appliances with a protective coating, making it effortless to keep your kitchen looking beautiful.

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Fingerprints have met their match!-A video showing a little girl named Zoie making a mess in the kitchen and touching Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel appliances.

Fingerprints have met their match

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No More Fingerprints!- Potential consumers at a showcase are allowed to touch different Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel refrigerators and realize that their fingerprints don't show.


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The Living Proof of Smudgeproof!- A couple is asked to do the living proof and smudge proof challenge by smearing condiments on two refrigerators and one is a Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel refrigerator. The couple is then asked to clean up the mess. The Frigidaire refrigerator shows no smudges.


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Different consumers perform the see the difference challenge on Frigidaire stainless steel appliances.


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Clean up is Easy!- A video of a young girl and her mother making lemonade in the kitchen and easily wiping stains off of Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel appliances.

Cleanup is easy

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Resists Fingerprints & Smudges!- A father is cleaning in the kitchen and his son runs in to grab a cold drink from the refrigerator. The young boy opens the Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel refrigerator and leaves a smudge on the door. No problem for dad, it wipes off easily.

Resists Fingerprints & Smudges

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Stainless Steel That's Truly Stainless! - A young woman is baking in her Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel oven. She notices some of the baking mix drips on the oven and wipes it away with ease.

Stainless Steel That's Truly Stainless

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