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If your freezer is vibrating or rattling, check the below:

  • Be sure the freezer is level. If your freezer rocks on the floor when it is moved slightly, level it by adjusting the leveling legs or by using wooden shims. You should also check to be sure that the floor can adequately support your freezer.
  • Check to see if the freezer is touching the wall. If so, move it slightly or re-level it.
  • Remove any items that are on top of the freezer.
  • Check items inside the freezer. It is normal for items inside the freezer to vibrate somewhat. If it seems they’re vibrating too much, try re-leveling the freezer or moving it slightly.

Since the adjustability of your racks may vary by model, we recommend that you first reference your Owner’s Manual.

However, here are some helpful tips depending on your dishwasher tub type:

For Plastic Tub Dishwashers -

To raise the upper rack, press the lever on the rack toward the center of the rack and pull straight up.

To lower the upper rack, press the lever and push down on the rack. Your Owner’s Manual may have a diagram for assistance.

For Stainless Tub Dishwashers -

The top rack height can be easily adjusted to accommodate loading taller dishes.

To raise the rack, lift up until both sides are at the same height and the rack will secure in place. Ensure the rack remains level from front to back with both sides at the same height.

To lower the rack, lift the rack slightly then push down and release.

The amount of detergent you need to use depends on whether you have hard or soft water. To determine the proper amount, follow these tips:

If you are using dishwasher packs or tablets, use only one at a time.

If you’ve selected a quick or fast cycle, add the detergent pack or tablet in the tub so it dissolves during shorter cycles.

For powder, gel and liquid detergents, consult your Owner’s Manual, which lists the correct amount of detergent for degree of water conditions.

You can also find more tips at

To determine your water hardness, contact your water supplier or have your water tested by an outside source (such as a company that sells water treatment equipment).

For best results, follow these tips for detergent use:

  • Make sure the detergent is fresh. When it’s old or expired, it might not dissolve properly.
  • Store detergent in a cool, dry place.
  • When loading the dishwasher, be sure that the detergent dispenser can open freely (not blocked by a dish/pan, etc) and that water from the spray arm can reach the open dispenser.

Because most detergents are designed to dissolve and activate at 120°F, your dishwasher will perform best if your water temperature is 120°F or higher at the start of a wash cycle.

TIP: Feel free to check your water heater setting. You may also run hot water from the kitchen faucet prior to starting the dishwasher.

It is normal for you to hear the water filling in your dishwasher along with water circulating and the motor running. If you hear a knocking or banging sound, check to ensure you do not have dish, pot, pan, or utensil causing the spray arm to circulate improperly.

For models equipped with the fan-assisted Even Dry or Perfect Dry system, it's normal to hear the fan operate at various times during the cycles.

The option to silent audible tones may not be applicable on all models so you want to check your Owner’s Manual.

For applicable models - When selecting a function on your display, an audible tone is heard each time a key is pressed. If you desire, the display can be programmed for silent operation.

To set the controls for silent operation:

Press and hold Start Time for 6 seconds. The display will beep once and then you can release the key.

The controls are now set for silent operation.

To return your audible tones to normal operation:

Press and hold Start Time again for 6 seconds until the display beeps once and then you release the key. The controls are now set for audible operation.

Air Fry allows superheated air to circulate in the oven to provide crispy, golden results without all the oil that deep frying requires.

Use the Air Fry feature in your oven and save time and space on your kitchen counter. No need for a separate appliance on your counter! 

Use dark bakeware with little to no sides or try our ReadyCookTM Air Fry Tray to get the best results. The ReadyCookTM Air Fry Tray comes with an Air Fry basket and Oven Rack that allows for improved airflow for crispier results.

Don’t forget to place a baking sheet under the Air Fry Tray to catch any drippings. Air Fry feature is not available on all models.

Belt buckles or other metal fasteners on items being dried may cause rattling or clanking sounds. You can fasten these items or turn garments inside out to reduce the sounds.

Rattling or clanking sounds may also be caused by foreign objects (such as coins) in the drum.

If you think this is the issue, stop the dryer and check for any objects in the drum. If none are present and the sounds continue, we recommend running an empty load to see if the noise continues.

This will allow you to determine if the noise is coming from the unit or an article that was being dried. If the noise is still present during the empty load, please contact us.

The normal operating sounds of a dryer are listed in your Complete Owner’s Guide and include:

  • Water Value (steam models only)
  • Suspension RollersAir Flow System
  • Gas Value (gas models only)
  • Gas Burner (gas models only)

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.

Frigidaire Dryers come with a variety of dry options. Your Complete Owner’s Guide will give you more information on those applicable to your model.

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