Iron FAQs

  • How long does it take for my iron to heat up?


    In general, your iron will heat up in about two minutes. The “Wait” and “Ready” indicators will let you know when your iron has reached the appropriate temperature for the fabric type you selected.


  • When my iron has gone into the standby safety mode, how do I resume normal use?


    When your iron is in the standby safety mode, simply press one of the fabric selector buttons (+/-) to start using it again.


  • How do I clean my iron?


    Wipe the bottom of your iron with a soft, damp cloth to clean it. To avoid damaging the finish, please do not use abrasive cleansers, a scouring pad, or vinegar to clean the bottom of your iron.


  • How often should I use the self-clean function on my iron?


    We recommend you use the self-clean function once a month.


  • Can I use my iron to steam my clothes?


    Yes, your iron can be used for vertical steaming. Just please don’t steam clothes while they are being worn by someone.