Slower Cooker FAQs

  • Can I wash the slow cooker in the dishwasher?


    Both the ceramic vessel and the glass lid can be washed in the dishwasher.  Care should be taken to ensure they will not be chipped or cracked while in the dishwasher.  The housing, plug and cord should NEVER me immersed in water or placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. 


  • How do I set my slow cooker for cooking?


    First be sure the unit is plugged into a proper electrical outlet.  Once you have placed your ingredients into the ceramic vessel and covered the unit with the lid, press the ‘cook time’ button to increase the cook time in 30 minute intervals.  Once the desired time has been selected, push the ‘on/off’ button to begin cooking


  • Why do I see dashes on the control panel?


    When the slow cooker is plugged into an electrical outlet, the control panel will light up, beep and then show four dashes.  This indicates that the unit is in stand-by mode. 


  • How do I change the cooking function during cooking?


    The cooking function cannot be changed during a cooking cycle.  To change the cooking function, you must first press the ‘on/off’ button and then select the desired cooking function, adjusting the time as needed.  Then press the ‘on/off’ button to start cooking. 


  • What is the difference between ‘warm’ and ‘buffet’?


    The ‘warm’ and ‘buffet’ settings are for serving and keeping already cooked and heated foods warm.  The ‘buffet’ function will provide a slightly higher temperature than the ‘warm’ setting, so be sure to select the setting that best suits your needs.