Why does my Frigidaire Laundry Center beep or have blinking lights?

Most alarms or beeps are designed to alert of you of changes in your Laundry Center or an action on your part is required. Here are some normal operating beeps or blinking lights:

For the washer:

Beep(s) will occur when you select your washing cycles and settings for each loadBeep(s) will occur when you Pause a laundry load and the display will blink “Close Washer Lid” will illuminate if the washer lid is open.

Just close the washer lid before starting the washer.“Balance Load” will illuminate if the wash load is unbalanced in the tub during the wash cycle. Pause the washer and redistribute the wash load.

For the dryer:

Beep(s) will occur when you start a drying cycle before the drum begins to rotate.Beep(s) will occur when you Pause a laundry load. “Close Dryer Door” will illuminate if the dryer door is open. Just close the dryer door before starting the dryer. “Clean Lint” will illuminate and in some models blink after EACH drying cycle.

Clean the lint filter after every use. “Clean Lint” may remain blinking as part of normal operations even after you have cleaned the filter.

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