How do I use my display or select cycles on my Frigidaire Laundry Center?

Getting to know your Frigidaire Laundry Center is pretty simple!

First, once you have loaded your washer or dryer and closed the lid/door, turn the cycle selector in either direction to scroll to your desired cycle. In some models the indicator for your selection will be illuminated.

For the washer:

  1. You are now ready to press the WASH TEMP button to cycle through wash water temperatures until the desired temperature is selected.
  2. Press the WATER LEVEL button to select your wash water level.
  3. And finally, press START/PAUSE to begin. Your laundry center may beep. You may also hear your lid lock on the washer with a click sound.

For the dryer:

  1. You are now ready to select the temperature setting most suitable for your load.
  2. And then, press START/PAUSE to begin. If you need to add a forgotten item to your laundry load, press the START/PAUSE button to pause the cycle – you may hear a beep.
  3. Wait for the washer tub or dryer drum to stop and the lid lock to release (if you are adding to your washer). Add the item and then close the washer lid or dryer door and press START/PAUSE again to continue.

TIP: If you need to change your settings after the cycle has started, you will need to CANCEL the wash or dry cycle. You may hear a beep, wait for the washer tub or dryer drum to come to a stop and the lid lock to disengage (on your washer).

You can then re-select your cycle, wash or dry temp and/or water level. Don’t forget to press START/PAUSE once you are ready to begin.

NOTE: For descriptions of each cycle and settings on your Frigidaire Laundry Center…and when best to use, your Owner’s manual has more information.

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