How do I avoid Out-Of-Balance problems during the spin cycle?

If washing a single large item, like a pillow or a single pair of jeans, it can be difficult for the washer to balance during the spin cycle.

Adding 1 or 2 laundry items to the load will help to balance the weight during spin cycles.In general, the more pieces of clothing in the load, the more likely it will be for the clothes to be evenly distributed, leading to a smooth, quiet spin.

If your unit has stopped due to an Out-of-Balance load, you can open the lid, rearrange the load to more evenly distribute the weight, then hit press the cycle selector to pick up where it left off.In the event that your washer has trouble balancing a load it will perform an extra rinse cycle to re-balance.

This can add about 10-30 minutes to the cycle.

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