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What Do Water Filters Remove

What Do Water Filters Remove?

As water makes its way through our world, it collects impurities and contaminants both from the natural world and from cities, homes, farms and the like. Unfiltered water can contain minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can cause poor taste or potentially serious illness. Water filters are carefully designed to remove these impurities, making the water we consume pure, safe and healthy.

Is tap water safe to drink?

The answer to this question varies based on a number of factors. Depending on the source, unfiltered water is safe to drink. But even water that has passed through a water treatment plant is exposed to chemicals, minerals and bacteria as it makes its way through our towns and cities and into our homes. Studies have consistently shown that drinking water for 15 million Americans contains harmful contaminants like lead, arsenic, nitrates, and chloramine.

Bottled water is often held to less strict regulation than even tap water, and when plastic bottles are exposed to excessive heat, they can release unwanted chemicals into the water inside. Simply put, the best way to be sure you and your family are drinking pure and clean water is to use a water filter in your home.

How do activated carbon filters work?

There are several types of water purifiers, but activated carbon filters are the most widely used household water filters. Charcoal is a very porous form of carbon, so it has a large internal surface area that traps contaminates. Larger particles are stuck on the outside surface, removing sediment from the water. Carbon also acts like a magnet for compounds like lead and VOCs, trapping contaminants internally as the water passes through the filter. Finally, chemicals like chlorine are reduced through a chemical reaction when water first contacts carbon.

Frigidaire Genuine Filters and many other NSF certified filters use activated carbon filters to remove contaminants in you water including:
chlorine; pharmaceuticals and chemicals; heavy metals such as lead and mercury; and other organic compounds that can give water an unwelcome taste and odor. However, it leaves mineral ions such as fluoride, calcium, and magnesium, which are good for the body and even improve the taste of water.

What is a genuine water filter?

Genuine Frigidaire water filters are the only water filters that are guaranteed to work in your Frigidaire refrigerator to consistently provide the most fresh and pure water for your home. These NSF certified filters are engineered to use three levels of powerful filtration to remove 95% of the contaminants listed above, and they’re guaranteed to fit and function perfectly with all Frigidaire refrigerators.

How often should you replace the filter?

Water filters should be replaced every six months to guarantee they are functioning properly. While water filters are powerful water purifiers when properly maintained, neglected water filters can not only stop capturing harmful contaminants but also create their own unique problems for your appliances and your water quality.

Never live without fresh water and ice again. Save 15% on every Frigidaire Genuine filter and get free shipping when you subscribe for filter replacements.

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