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Genuine matters

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By Frigidaire. For Frigidaire

  • Guaranteed to deliver quality water filtration at Frigidaire’s specifications
  • 3 levels of filtration safely and effectively reduce contaminants, including lead
  • Only water filters that are NSF Certified for use in Frigidaire refrigerators
Genuine Water Filters
Genuine Air Filters

Discover the genuine filter difference

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100% Peace-of-mind.

Enjoy safe, fresh tasting ice, water, air and food on your schedule. Save 15% on every Frigidaire® genuine filter and get free shipping with your subscription.

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Pure and simple.

Safely clean the air in your crisper drawer to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer with our genuine Frigidaire® PureAir® Freshness Booster™ Watch Video

Complete care.
Complete clean.

Everything you need for fresh ice, water, air and food is always at hand with our genuine Frigidaire® Complete Care Bundles.

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Our Water Filter Finder Tool ensures that you get the genuine Frigidaire filter that’s NSF certified–and guaranteed–to work best in your Frigidaire appliance.

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