Energy saving tips

At Frigidaire®, we know that saving energy is better for your wallet and the environment. That’s why we offer a full range of energy efficient appliances, including Dishwashers, Refrigerators, and Washers. Click below to get started and learn more about our energy saving tips. 

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You can save 55,000 gallons of water over the life of your Frigidaire® dishwasher by eliminating hand washing. That is the equivalent of a lifetime supply of drinking water for a family of four.

Innovative rack designs to allow you to wash more dishes per load. Frigidaire's tall tub design allows you to wash up to 14 place settings in each load.

You can save energy if you use a quality rinse aid in your Frigidaire dishwasher instead of using the heated dry cycle. This will help spotting on your glasses too.

You can save almost 230 hours per year by scraping your dishes and loading them as opposed to hand washing.



Refrigerators from 16 years ago use TWICE the energy as today's Frigidaire® ENERGY STAR® models! That old refrigerator could be costing you $300 additional per year on your utility bill. Swap it for a new Frigidaire ENERGY STAR® model and begin saving today!

You should keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can heat up the appliance and cause it to run more often to keep cool.

Frigidaire® ENERGY STAR® refrigerators use less energy than it takes to run 2 x 60 watt light bulbs. This keeps more money in your pocket instead of the utility company's.



The majority of electricity used to operate a clothes washer is to heat up the water. Swap your top load washer for a Frigidaire® ENERGY STAR® rated front load washer and save up to $149 per year by using up to 30 gallons of water less per load!

You can save 7,000 gallons of water per year by converting from a conventional washer to a Frigidaire ENERGY STAR® qualified model. This is enough water to take 3,000 showers every year!

Frigidaire front load washers spin out at much higher speeds than conventional top loaders. This means the clothes come out of the washer with less moisture and allows your dryer to run much less to save you money.

Washers are rated on four key factors to qualify as an ENERGY STAR® product to save you money!



Make sure your freezer is the ideal temperature. By keeping your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you actually can reduce the amount of energy you use.

Keep the freezer door closed. Make sure your door seals are airtight and minimize the amount of time the freezer door is open, so you can keep the cold air in and the warm air out.

An easy way to make sure your freezer is efficient is by making sure it's never empty. Keep your freezer full, and it won't have to work so hard to keep cool.

Leave a space between your wall and cabinets and your freezer to allow air to circulate around the condenser coils.

ENERGY STAR® compact freezers use at least 10% less energy than required by current federal standards.



Dining out adds up fast. You can save big by cooking at home. An electric oven turned on for 1 hour on 350°F only uses 2kWh of electricity, costing just 24 cents.

You can save on time and energy with a freestanding range with a large oven from Frigidaire's freestanging cooking line up. Most electric self clean models are a whooping 5.4 cubic feet and the gas versions are 5.0. This means you can cook large items easily and even cook multiple foods at the same time.

Select ranges have an innovative Speed Clean cycle that uses half the energy of normal cleaning cycles.

Energy Saving Tips

The Perfect Pair

Lower your energy bill by combining the Frigidaire® Front Load Washer with Tide Coldwater HE.

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An Energy Efficient Makeover

Save as much as $260 over the next 5 years by flipping your fridge with a new ENERGY STAR®[[2395893|certified Frigidaire model today]].