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How Healthy are Air Fryers?

You’ve probably heard plenty about the overnight sensation that is air frying—how much better it is, how easy it is, how tasty it is, and so on versus traditionally fried options. Air frying food seems like a great timesaver, as well as a healthier alternative to deep frying. But how does this cooking method actually measure up to traditional deep frying? Is air frying healthy when compared to other methods?

 Long story short, air fry cooking is a great option for creating healthier dishes that have the same mouthwatering taste as fried foods. At Frigidaire, we’re passionate about making life easier for families everywhere, so we’ve put together some more in-depth info on air frying for you. Read on for insight into the benefits of air frying and what sets this cooking technique apart. We’ve also included some yummy, healthy air fryer recipes for you to try.


Is Air Frying Healthier Than Other Cooking Methods? 

How healthy are air fryers, exactly? It’s important to acknowledge that “healthy” can be a relative term. However, air frying food requires less oil than traditional deep frying, which means the dish may have fewer trans fats and hydrogenated oils! So, for a healthier (but equally tasty) option, choose an oven air-fried version of a deep-fried favorite. You can master air frying food right in your own home with an air fry oven, which eliminates the need for a separate appliance. For more information on what an air fry oven is, click here.


Major Benefits of Air Frying Vs. Deep Frying 

Traditional deep-frying flash cooks food in hot oil, which quickly creates a crispy texture and that classic golden-brown coloring. In contrast, air fry cooking uses hot air instead of a vat of oil to cook food. That superheated air circulates at a high speed, which cooks food faster and creates a similar crispy texture without all the excess oil. As we mentioned, the result is equally delicious and typically healthier by way of fewer trans fats and hydrogenated oils. And because air fryers require little to no oil, cooking and cleanup is far less messy than with a deep fryer.


Air Frying Vs. Convection Oven Cooking 

While a traditional oven typically has two heating elements (one at the top and one at the bottom of the appliance), a convection oven uses added fans to quickly circulate hot air. This cooks food faster and more evenly than a conventional oven. You can think of an air fryer as a mini convection oven, as the cooking process is essentially the same. Air fry cooking in an oven is a fantastic way to get crispy, tasty dinners and sides on the table for family or whenever you need to feed a crowd.


2 Major Benefits of Air Frying Food

If you’ve been wanting to try out air frying food, consider this a sign to give the cooking method a go. You’ll love the versatility of an air fryer as well as the shortened timeline for cooking everything from charred brussels sprouts to golden-brown chicken wings.


       1. Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Foods 

One of the biggest draws of air frying food is that you can make those guilty-pleasure dishes (like fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks) with all the delicious flavors and crispy goodness but less of the oil. In fact, just a dash of olive oil is often all you need to get cooking. Ultimately, air fry cooking allows you to create delicious dinners, perfectly cooked sides, and tasty appetizers with the same great taste of the originals.


       2. Air Fryer Cooking Time 

Another benefit of air fry cooking is that you can get food on the table far quicker than if you were cooking with a traditional oven or a deep fryer. Convection ovens need time to preheat, while air fryers heat up much more quickly. While you can and should preheat an air fryer for some recipes, you can also simply put your food in and begin cooking right away.


6 Air Fryer Recipes with a Healthier Twist 


Air Fryer Thai Style Chicken Wings 

You’re only 30 minutes away from perfectly crispy chicken wings smothered in a sweet Thai chili sauce. These restaurant-worthy wings are the ultimate trifecta of savory, spicy, and sweet flavors. What’s not to love? We think they’d make a great appetizer, light entrée, or potluck dish.

Air Fryer Buffalo Wings 

Enjoy classic buffalo wings without the need for deep frying. Avocado oil and a handy, dandy air fryer are all you need to achieve that much-loved crispiness. Serve these up alongside some ranch as an easy appetizer during a game watch or for a fun family meal.

Mini Jelly Doughnut Recipe 

Decadent jelly doughnuts without the need for a deep fryer? It’s possible, we promise! And these air-fried beauties come out just as pillowy soft and gooey as their traditional counterparts. Plate and dust with powdered sugar for a sweet treat that’s sure to draw compliments.

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts 

Brussels sprouts don’t get tastier—or easier—than this. This simple recipe features sprouts sprinkled with soy, truffle dust, garlic salt, and other savory seasonings. We recommend using an air fry range to allow plenty of room for the brussels sprouts to cook in one layer on a baking sheet. Once they’ve achieved that slightly charred, crispy exterior, your side dish is ready to be served.

Air Fried Crunchy Onion Rings 

You can’t beat a good onion ring—and these are so much better than good. Skip the restaurant (and the overabundance of oil) and make this crunchy appetizer in the comfort of your own home. Air fry cooking these rings creates the perfect texture. Go ahead, bite into one and see what we mean.

Air Fried Zucchini Fries 

Zucchini sticks get a delightfully crispy and crunchy upgrade in the air fryer with this recipe. Perfect for picky eaters and veggie lovers alike, these zucchini fries are easy to make and cook quickly. Add a bowl filled with your favorite dip or condiment for extra deliciousness.


Frigidaire Appliances with Air Fry Technology 

We love the ease, versatility, and many other benefits of air frying. But having to make room for yet another single use, countertop appliance in your kitchen can be a hassle, especially if counter space is limited. That’s why we launched the very first air fry ranges on the market. These multi-use ranges allow you to cook delicious, healthier air fryer meals right in your oven, with no need for a separate appliance.


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