How To Set PowerPlus Convection Oven Bake


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To set the oven for convection bake:

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Step 1

Turn the oven mode knob to CONVECT BAKE. The light above the oven mode knob will turn on.

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Step 2

Turn the oven temperature knob to a desired temperature.* The OVEN TEMP light will flash until the temperature is set and will appear solid once the temperature is accepted. The oven will chime and the Preheat light will come on. The Preheating function is required when using Convection Bake.

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Step 3

Once the oven reaches the set temperature, the Preheat light will turn off and the oven will sound a chime indicating the food items can be placed in the oven.**

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Step 4

When finished baking, be sure to return both the oven temperature knob and the oven mode knob to the OFF positions.

*Convection baking can be set at any temperature between 170°F to 550°F.

** The convection fan will be used throughout the preheat cycle for the electric range and turn on six minutes after the oven begins heating for the gas range.