How To Set Convection Conversion


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To set convection convert:

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Step 1

The oven temperature selector must be in the OFF position. Turn the oven mode knob to CONVECT BAKE.

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Step 2

Press and hold both the oven light icon and the clock icon for about 3 seconds until Aut° (Automatic convection convert) appears in the display.

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Step 3

Press either the – or + key until ON appears.

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Step 4

Turn the oven mode control to the OFF position.

Step 5

Once you hear the acceptance chime and the display returns to showing the time of day, your oven is set for convection conversion and your baking and roasting temperatures will automatically be converted to convection mode.

Step 6

To switch back to the original convection baking and roasting function, repeat the same steps in this process and press the – or + key until OFF appears. Once the control accepts the change with a chime, turn the oven mode knob to OFF.