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How to DIY a Stylish Roman Shade for Your Kitchen

Traditional window treatments can be expensive and regular window blinds don’t add much flare to a room. Add a pop of color to your kitchen windows with this easy and inexpensive DIY roman shade project.
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Step 1

Measure the space: Measure the size of your window to determine how much fabric you will need for your roman shade. For an inside-mount shade, which hangs from the inside of your window casing, measure the height and width of your windows from inside the casing. 

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Step 2

Choose your fabric: Decide what color and pattern you want to accent your kitchen. You will need the same amount of fabric as the size of your window. To be safe, buy about a half-yard more than you think you’ll need.

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Step 3

Mark and cut fabric: Spread out your fabric on a clean surface and mark the size of your window on the fabric. Make two marks — first mark the exact size of your window, and then measure and mark an extra half-inch all the way around. Cut your fabric along the outer marks. It’s fine if your cuts aren’t perfect since you’ll be hemming three sides of the curtain in the next step.

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Step 4

Hem your shade: Put a drop cloth under your work surface since you’ll be working with fabric glue. Along the sides and bottom of the roman shade, fold the extra half-inch of fabric along the edge and iron it to make a clean line. At the top, create the first rod pocket where the highest tension rod will go. Apply a strip of fabric glue under the fold and gently press down with your fingers; the roman shade will dry quickly.

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Step 5

Hang your shade and add additional pleats: When the hem is finished, feed your tension rod through the fabric of your roman shade. Watch the video above to see how to drape your fabric over tension rods to create two additional pleats. Then hang it in your window to enjoy this easy DIY window treatment!