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9 Reviews

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  1. Design
    Buy this machine

    By: Al on 10/15/2013

    Installed this machine yesterday after no laundry unit for 3 weeks. My clothes are cleaner than with our old top loader, and the machine is as close to silent as it gets. We are still catching up on our backlog of laundry, and loving our choice more with every load. Got the matching dryer and the stacking adaptor. Just what we wanted.
  2. Design
    Good but not great

    By: kmendels on 10/2/2013

    I was excited about my first front load washer, but it turns out not to be so great. Small items (baby and kid socks, baby washcloths, etc.) get stuck between the door and the drum in every wash cycle. Since it is front loading, clothing falls on the floor every time I load and unload the washer. And it is pretty rough on our cloth diapers that get washed every other day. I am pleased with the water savings, but would probably go with an Energy Star rated top load washer next time.
  3. Design
    Great Product

    By: saswan53 on 9/24/2013

    I am very satisfied with my washer. I've never owned a front load washer before, but am sure the clothes are cleaner with it than my previous washers. So far, it is working extremely well.and is very easy to use. The number of settings is amazing, too. For every type of clothing. I will buy another one just like it when this one wears out.
  4. Design
    Less than impressed

    By: Richard on 9/24/2013

    Within the the first 3 weeks of owning the machine the lock on the door malfunctions. Because I purchased the product online, none of the suggested places to call to repair the device would come out and perform any service. this makes no sense to me, because I have two warranties on the product. My wife has to purchase washing machine cleaner at least once a month, because a stench comes out of the machine after so many uses. I am not convinced that it cleans any better than the washing machine we replaced. Lessons learned I geuss.
  5. Design
    great purchase

    By: stan on 7/14/2013

    Had a few problems with our first machine. It leaked but was not with every load. This could not be resolved so we were given a brand new machine. When we called the repairman(which was several times) he came right away to our home.
  6. Design
    Best bang for your buck!

    By: ReviewQueen on 3/13/2013

    My family and I have had this model for about 9 months. Washes great and even does well on pet hair. We also bought the matching dryer and it has also done very well. We have been very happy with this purchase. For the price they cant be beat. I believe this set is the best bang for your buck!!!
  7. Design
    Great Buy!

    By: drummer on 6/20/2012

    Bought as our first front load washer. Wife loves it! Very quiet and efficient. Cleans very well and clothes spin at 1200 rpm, so clothes dry quicker in our matching frigidaire dryer. I recommend this product!