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Frigidaire Affinity 3.26 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer

27" W x 29-3/4" D x 36" H

207 reviews
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Vibration Control System

Advanced vibration control keeps even oversized loads balanced for smooth, quiet operation. Ideal for second floor installation.

Express-Select® Controls

Express-Select® Controls

Easily select options and cycles with the touch of a button.

Fresh Water Rinse Option

Fresh Water Rinse Option

An additional rinse cycle uses advanced rinse technology to effectively reduce detergents and additives.



Designed for quiet operation.

Stay-Fresh™ Door Seal

Stay-Fresh™ Door Seal

Optional Pedestal Drawer

Optional Pedestal Drawer

Most Installation Options in its Class

TimeWise® Technology

TimeWise® Technology

TimeWise® Technology ensures wash time equals dry time — so you don't wait for clothes to dry.

Multiple Wash Cycles


General Specifications

  • Adjustable Leveling Legs: Yes
  • Product Weight (lbs): 235
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Size: N/A
  • Installation Type: Free-Standing
  • Collection: Frigidaire Affinity


  • Add Steam: No
  • Allergy: No
  • Clean Washer: Yes Key Combination
  • Delay Start (Hours): 10
  • Energy Saver: No
  • Extended Spin: Yes
  • Freshwater Rinse: Yes
  • Light: No
  • Max Fill: No
  • Prewash: No
  • Stain Clean: Yes
  • Stain Pretreat: No

Washer: Specifications

  • Bleach Dispenser: Yes
  • Detergent Dispenser: Yes
  • Drum Light: No
  • Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • Fabric Softener Dispenser: Yes
  • Internal Water Heater: No
  • Maximum Spin Speed (RPM): 1100
  • Prewash Detergent Dispenser: No
  • Stay Fresh Antimicrobial Seal: Yes
  • Stay Fresh Door Seal: Yes

Energy Data

  • CEE Tier Level: 3
  • kWh/year: 99
  • Modified Energy Factor: 3
  • Water Factor: 3.3
  • Water Usage/Year: 4217

Certifications & Approvals

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified: Yes
  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient: No
  • NSF® Certified: No

Washer: Soil Level Selections

  • Extra Light Soil: No
  • Heavy Soil: Yes
  • Light Soil: Yes
  • Max Soil: No
  • Normal Soil: Yes

Exterior Dimensions

  • Depth: 29-3/4"
  • Depth (with Door 90° Open): 50-4/5"
  • Height: 36"
  • Width: 27"


  • Drain Hose Extension Kit: Optional order item no. 137098000
  • Dryer Stacking Kit: Optional order item no. STACKIT4X
  • Mobile Home Installation Kit: Optional order item no. 137067200
  • Pedestal: Optional order item no. CFPWD15

Washer: Specialty Cycles

  • Active Wear: No
  • Jeans: No
  • Kids Wear: No
  • Pet Beds: No
  • Quick Sanitize: No
  • Stuffed Animals: No

Temperature Settings

  • Automatic Temperature Control: Yes
  • Cold: Yes
  • Cold Water Clean: Yes
  • Cool: Yes
  • Hot: Yes
  • Sanitize: No
  • Warm: Yes

Electrical Specifications

  • Amps @ 120 Volts: 9.0
  • Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120V: 1.0
  • Minimum Circuit Required (Amps): 15A
  • Power Supply Connection Location: Rear
  • Voltage Rating: 115V 60Hz

Washer: Cycles

  • Allergen: No
  • Casual: Yes
  • Delicates: Yes
  • Hand Wash: No
  • Heavy: No
  • Heavy/Bulky: No
  • Normal: Yes
  • Quick Cycle: No
  • Rinse & Spin: Yes
  • Spin Only: No
  • Whitest Whites: No


  • Control Lock: Yes
  • Cycle Status Lights: 4 - Door Lock / Sensing / Wash / Touch Pause to add a Garment
  • Time Remaining Indicator: Yes LED Segment
  • Start/Pause/Cancel Function: Push 'Start/Pause' button to Start / Push 'Start/Pause' button to Pause / Push 'Cancel' button to Cancel

Exterior Specifications

  • Cabinet Color: White
  • Console Color: White
  • Door Lock Light: Yes
  • Door Style: Old Affinity
  • Knob Button Switch Color: White
  • Lens Ring: White

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Installation Instructions

Product Specifications Sheet

Energy Guide

Instrucciones de instalación

Guide d'utilisation complet

Instructions d'installation

Feuille de spécifications du produit

207 Reviews

Average Rating

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  1. Design
    Low features

    By: Jq on 2/28/2015

    The features are not the best. I wanted more features such as amount of load or to be able to leave it longer soaking in water.
  2. Design
    Never again

    By: Jim on 2/25/2015

    Bought this unit 9 months ago, and it worked great for 7 of those months. The washer has now been broken for almost 2 months and the service people have been to my house 5 times just replacing parts. Still broken and still waiting for more parts. Never again will I buy a Frigidaire product again.
  3. Design
    Appliance Warranty

    By: Ray on 2/20/2015

    Great warranty. Covers full parts and repairs. On-time and fast service. Highly recommended
  4. Design
    Not bad

    By: waihonua on 2/20/2015

    Not bad washer but bit noisy and water does not drain completely after wash.
  5. Design
    its great

    By: bill on 2/19/2015

    it is great, just needed the upgrade kit
  6. Design
    Sagging door

    By: cal on 2/19/2015

    Door on unit sags and now is off alignment by 1" when its closed
  7. Design
    I Love it!

    By: Janette on 2/13/2015

    I really like my washer and the features it has...more economic...easy to clean up and maintained...I just really love it!
  8. Design
    rub a dub dub

    By: handy on 1/24/2015

    great machine
  9. Design
    Real Quiet

    By: Mike on 1/24/2015

    This washer runs much smoother and quieter than my last front load, the only problrm tha I had in almost five years was a ankle sock got stuck in the pump/drain, which needed to be fixed, so now I use the washer bags to solve that problem.
  10. Design
    Nice enough, but I'm stuck in my top-loadin' ways

    By: asolis559 on 1/22/2015

    Very touchy, upkeep-wise, and picky about soaps and load size. Always empty the wet clothes after washing, and leave door ajar (when no small children are around) to air out after use. Socks get stuck in rubber, must drain dispenser every time. Use 1/2 capful HE soap for full size loads, any more will leave a smell. Door lock sensor already had to be replaced as well. Good fancy machine, but too much fluff for my simple tastes.
  11. Design
    Great product

    By: Monica on 1/22/2015

    So happy with the purchase
  12. Design

    By: LIVIACASTELL on 1/15/2015

    I was very excited to own my very first front load washing machine. I ready reviews and thought I would give this one a try. Overall I am happy with what this machine does, though the only complaint that I do have are the following: 1. If you have children make sure to put their socks in a mesh bag because they will get caught in between the door. 2: Even on a delicate load the machine does spin rather harshly so don't be afraid if your house starts to shake. Other than that I am very pleased with the machine and how it cleans our clothes.
  13. Design
    Best choice we could have made

    By: DENNIS on 1/15/2015

    The final spin cycle on this washing machine is so efficient that the clothes come out practically dry which cuts down on the time the clothes have to spend in the dryer. We could not be more pleased with our new Washing Machine.
  14. Design
    Good one!

    By: Angel on 1/15/2015

    Extremely quiet and efficient!!
  15. Design
    Simply...5***** All The Way

    By: JC on 1/15/2015

    Wow" this thing is so Quite...and and Cleans my wash the Best...Simply the best Washer I have ever Owned, Highly Recommended...
  16. Design

    By: WooSpooky on 1/15/2015

    I love my new frigidaire washer. This front loader is so quiet and my clothes get so clean. It is almost like I got a new dryer as well since the clothes come out from the last spin almost dry - it has cut my dryer time almost in half. Thank you so much - a great machine!
  17. Design
    Great washer!

    By: Marti on 1/15/2015

    Enjoying the quietness.
  18. Design

    By: oscar on 1/15/2015

    this washer was delivered to me on 9/19/2014. I started leaking water from the bottom approx the second week of December, then a few days later it completely stopped working. The contracted repair technician found the problem to be a bad board.
  19. Design
    Pretty good

    By: ml on 1/15/2015

    The drawer you put the soap and fabric softener in never empties, so every load, I have to pull it out and take it to the sink to empty the water out. The guy who came to work on the machine said that's common.
  20. Design
    Great washer

    By: Greg on 12/12/2014

    Replaced an older verision of this washer
  21. Design
    Saves lots of $$$$

    By: LT on 12/11/2014

    Received thur Edison energy program. I love it
  22. Design
    Front load washer

    By: steph on 12/11/2014

    i love my washer! It's so quiet and exactly what I wanted!!
  23. Design
    Have already started having problems.

    By: Diane on 12/11/2014

    Have already started having problems and we only got it in August. The spin cycle sometimes doesn't get all the water.
  24. Design
    Great machine

    By: Rr on 12/11/2014

    I am able to wash my king size comforter.
  25. Design
    Overall good

    By: Lizz on 12/11/2014

    very quite and does not shake
  26. Design
    Best washer ever

    By: Matty on 12/11/2014

    Best washer ever
  27. Design
    First time 'he' experience

    By: Rachel on 11/17/2014

    The was my First time using a front load 'he' washer and I love it!
  28. Design
    Excellent machine for the money.

    By: Mac on 11/15/2014

    A great job cleaning and a great set of options. Simple to use as well. makes for a great combo.
  29. Design
    eco machine

    By: chavbern on 11/15/2014

    I am a proud happy mother/wife/student/homemaker I have a beautiful 1 year old daughter we live in riverside ca my husband and I go to school for automotive technician so constantly have dirty clothes we love that our new washing machine is an energy efficient appliance cud-dos to the makers of this appliance.
  30. Design

    By: Val on 11/14/2014

    I love this washer! My laundry has never been this clean. You can actually feel the difference. I had a pile of my husband's shirts that I thought were ruined, but before I threw them out I decided to wash them in my new washer. They came out spotless and he is able to wear them again. I never realized how bad my old washer was until now. I'm so pleased with Frigidaire that I am now going to replace all my kitchen appliances with Frigidaire brand appliances. Thank you Frigidaire!
  31. Design
    Very Nice

    By: Dane on 11/13/2014

    The machine works very well. It is simple to operate and the controls are easy to understand. It was a wise purchase on my part.
  32. Design
    Great washing machine

    By: Kpd729 on 11/13/2014

    Do it youselfer
  33. Design
    Love it

    By: Berr on 11/13/2014

    I have owned 2 one when I was living in my condo and when I moved to my new I purched the same one because I loved this model.
  34. Design
    This Washer

    By: Lino on 10/23/2014

    At first I wasn't so convinced about its quality. But I learned to love it. It's quiet and saved a lot of energy.
  35. Design
    Hinge problem

    By: drmaris on 10/17/2014

    The door hinge is weak and the door sags. A hinge repair kit is being sent which may or may not fix the problem. If it were not for this problem my rating would be higher.
  36. Design
    Quietly Efficient

    By: Iggylil on 10/15/2014

    This machine is amazingly quiet and far more versatile than we had expected. It has handled everything two humans and 7 dogs have thrown into it, and it's done this silently and without complaint.
  37. Design

    By: RAINBOW on 10/15/2014

    I love my new washing machine!
  38. Design
    Love It

    By: Ellie on 10/15/2014

    Love my new Front Load Washer. Absolutely amazing.
  39. Design
    easy to use

    By: Shortie on 10/7/2014

    I find the washing machine to be easy to use. Does a great job.
  40. Design
    Pretty Goood

    By: Stace0302 on 10/3/2014

    I really like this washer, it;s easy to use, nothing complicated. I like the different setting for the types of clothes I am washing. The only thing I don't like, and I guess it's just because I am use to a top loader, is the fact that it stays damp inside the washer. I have to leave the door open so it can dry out, and how my laundry room is set up the washer door is right next to my room door, so I then have to leave that door open all day as well. I liked the top loader machines due to I could leave the lid open all day and it was more convenient. But overall this machine has more options, and it's of good quality, seems well made.
  41. Design
    Not very good

    By: Lluvnlife on 10/3/2014

    Smaller items (socks, undergarments, etc.) get caught in the front section of the loader and remain soaking wet even after the spin. Only large items (pants, large tops) are exempt from this.
  42. Design
    Love it!

    By: morningglory on 10/2/2014

    I love our new washer! It has a setting for everything I need and want. Even my husband is doing laundry now because it's so easy and simple to use.
  43. Design
    in love

    By: dmgirly117 on 9/25/2014

    loving my new fridge. Super roomy
  44. Design
    Washer spins out of control on final spon

    By: mms on 9/22/2014

    I'm trying to find the right person to call to fix - but the washer shakes violently and spins out of control during the final spin. I have to cancel the cycle and dry the clothes without the final spin.
  45. Design

    By: Heath on 9/19/2014

  46. Design
    Thrilled with my first front loader

    By: Deb on 9/19/2014

    Newly retired and furnishing my retirement home. A friend had this same washer and dryer and I loved the efficiency of it. I am very happy with it.
  47. Design
    Cute washer

    By: DingyDarla on 9/16/2014

    I wish there was a better way to keep socks and small items out of the front drain. I can foresee problems with drain blockages.
  48. Design
    Broken twice

    By: Krissy on 8/27/2014

    Had this washer for 9 months, 4 months in it breaks down, warranty replaced the defect. Yesterday, the spin cycle and draining is not working.
  49. Design
    Great Machine

    By: Art on 8/16/2014

    Saves on water and cleans clothes efficiently!!
  50. Design

    By: Richard on 8/15/2014

    The machine works great!
  51. Design
    No Soaking cycle

    By: karaes1 on 8/15/2014

    I realize this is a energy saver washingmachine, BUT needs more water to get the clothes clean. Clothes are not getting as clean. Also there is no or I cant figure out if there is a soaking cycle????
  52. Design
    Nice to know my washer.

    By: Olaff 56 on 7/31/2014

    I love the style since I had a top loader I'm kind of surprise this one takes longer to wash but there's a saving on water I only wish It was taller all models of this type are so low to the ground it's awful bending then you have to buy the stand if you wanted a bit higher that's the only thing that I do not like,why could it not be build with the drawer all ready in the machine specially for those with back trouble or are seniors and also for convenience.
  53. Design
    Frigmazing Washer

    By: Frigmazing on 7/24/2014

    Amazing washer.! It really does saves both water and energy. I really like the different washer settings especially the stain fighting setting. Very satisfied with it!
  54. Design
    great product!

    By: tvick83 on 7/24/2014

    We love it and it works wonderfully!!
  55. Design

    By: joe on 7/24/2014

    it is a great machine
  56. Design

    By: Cute on 7/24/2014

    The washer looks nice, but it is not that practical. One of the main dislikes is that i dont know how much water goes in a heavy or light wash, and the clothes always are hot even when washing with cold water. I would not recommend this product, but I am stuck with it till i have money to buy a better one.
  57. Design
    We like it a lot!

    By: clarence on 7/22/2014

    The washer and dryer stack like a combined stack-able but it is so nice to have a front loader!
  58. Design
    glad my old washer died

    By: sue on 7/20/2014

    this has been one of the best appliance purchases I have ever made. I am GLAD my old washer finally died!
  59. Design
    New to front loaders/LOVE it!

    By: Theatrical on 7/17/2014

    I had read a lot of reviews that said front loaders didn't get the clothes clean, or there was a residue of detergent, but all you have to do is drastically reduce the amount of detergent you use. The clothes come out clean and way drier than other washers. It's attractive, has nice features, yet it's simple enough to program different settings in. Water usage is WAY down, as is detergent use. And it's HUGE! I can't believe how much you can stuff in there, and all the clothes come out clean. I haven't washed my comforter yet, but I know it will fit! Love this washer. Now I just need the pedestal and the matching dryer... :)
  60. Design
    My washer

    By: Mariel on 6/25/2014

    Love it, since day one. Love the features. It gives you many choices on how you want your wash. It looks so cute too! It works well and saves on energy, what more do I want?! well actually I will be completely happy with a Frigidaire Dryer! :)
  61. Design
    It's Mostly Ok

    By: madjanet on 6/20/2014

    If it had been installed properly, I would probably have a different review. At this time, I can't tell how good it is because the spin cycle is a racket and I can't use anything over the low setting. I feel this would be a great product once I can get that and the water temp fixed.
  62. Design
    New to front loader, I love this machine!

    By: Captmatt on 6/14/2014

    Water use way down. New uniforms still look new after many washings. This thing can even handle small rugs!
  63. Design
    Geat product

    By: Maricela Guzman on 6/13/2014

    It does what they promised. Very satisfied.
  64. Design
    Great front loading washing machine

    By: Kittenz13 on 6/13/2014

    I purchased this washing machine to be a replacement with my old washer. It is stackable, quiet, easy to use, and very affordable.
  65. Design

    By: yo on 6/12/2014

    I love this washer,it saves on wsterand is nouse free
  66. Design
    Amazing piece of machinery

    By: Macj on 6/12/2014

    This product does it all and does it great!
  67. Design
    First Front loader

    By: TracyH68 on 6/12/2014

    Pros: gets the clothes clean. I don't like the standing water in bleach tray. Large capacity. Like it a lot.
  68. Design
    Great for Price

    By: RLM on 6/12/2014

    This washer is good size and great price. It has added features that I normally would not use but good to know I can use it if needed.
  69. Design
    Da Washer

    By: gulford on 5/23/2014

    So far this is working properly - no hiccups. Washes very well.
  70. Design

    By: herz , mike on 5/22/2014

    received as a gift and i like how quiet it is . can barely hear it.some complain about the spin we have a spin button to adjust to max spin and gets all water out just fine. also don't have an issue with puddling either. . you do have to leave door open after use just to let the water dry out .so far so good after 6 months of use.
  71. Design
    Love it!!

    By: randhlmn on 5/22/2014

    I love this washer! It has a large capacity and many options. I don't latch the door between washes to allow it to air dry so it doesn't grow mold. By fay the best washer I have owned.
  72. Design
    Love it but...

    By: LC on 5/15/2014

    I love my new washing machine! I can wash huge loads in it with no problem. I especially like all the settings. The only thing I don't like about it is that water tends to pool at the bottom of the rubber gasket after each wash, which I'm afraid might turn into a moldy issue later.
  73. Design
    I love this Washer

    By: penrosp on 5/15/2014

    I purchased this washer to replace the same model I had that was damaged in my move. It is a quite washer that has every option I need. it is easy on water and electric use. I would recommend this washer to anyone on a budget
  74. Design
    Gentle on clothes

    By: Keely on 2/11/2014

    This washer is a workhorse. I love my custom settings. I am extremely disappointed with the design of the door gasket. The mildew is impossible to get off.
  75. Design

    By: Bert on 1/19/2014

    My Maytag Neptune washer gave us 13 years of service but finally died and would have cost more to repair than was justifiable. The stackable Affinity fit in the available space. Since installing it our monthly water usage has decreased by 10%. The washer is quite, it gets clothes clean and the high speed spin does a great job of extracting water. This unit is a fantastic value!
  76. Design
    It does the Job!

    By: azguy on 12/18/2013

    As part of a stackable kit, it was easy to fit in the small space I have for a full size set, and gets my clothes clean without a lot of noise like the old regular style stacker I had. Enjoy the idea of helping out the environment by using far less water to accomplish the same task, too.
  77. Design
    Problems fixed

    By: Mike on 12/18/2013

    I had immediate issues with this washer; but they were remedied relatively early; and it is super now. The repair company was outstanding and very patient about making sure everything was working well before they left.
  78. Design

    By: Yoyis on 12/17/2013

    Just got our appliance and very happy with it.
  79. Design
    Terrific Washer

    By: Jade's Wash on 12/17/2013

    Economical. uses little water and electricity. I use the extended spin option on this machine and the clothes are practically dry. The time in the dryer is greatly reduced. All my clothes are whiter and brighter than they were before with my top load agitator machine. Front loaders are the way to go. This machine has all the features you could ever want and it holds as much laundry as a front load commercial machines at laundromats. It has been trouble free and is easy to use.
  80. Design
    washes nice but a little quirky

    By: muzikan on 12/16/2013

    This machine washes clothes beautifully but has a few quirks. I had to have it replaced because it kept pausing in the middle of the cycle for no reason. The replacement paused the first time I used it, but after that has worked fine.
  81. Design

    By: BRENDA on 12/16/2013

    I loved it but I would recommend getting an extended warranty. The belt came off of my washer and I have had problems since. I purchased in May 2013.
  82. Design
    not enough water

    By: qudia on 12/11/2013

    I have a Frigidaire washer fafs4073na0 and it does not clean my clothes. It barley has enough water to wash my laundry. I wish there was a way to use more water but it not. I would never purchase another of these washer.
  83. Design
    Love My Washer

    By: debo on 11/3/2013

    I love this washer it is quited as it wash , The clothes come out ringed out where there is little time to be in dryer. Love it
  84. Design
    Geat Washer

    By: penajr13 on 9/27/2013

    I really like this washer its very efficient. Appealing to the eye. Easy to operate.
  85. Design
    a pleasure

    By: C>W> on 9/26/2013

    The washer is so quiet that we do not have to close the door to the laundry room anymore, when it washes. It uses less detergent than our old model and what I like the most is the ease of using the buttons. The digital display of how long the wash will take is also very helpful. All in all a good investment! All our major appliances like the dryer and the fridge are from frigidaire as well, they all are very efficient and easy to use!
  86. Design

    By: Tina on 9/25/2013

    I am very satisfied.
  87. Design
    Amazing Deal

    By: KitchensUSN on 9/24/2013

    Great for price. Works just as good as one of those fancy/expensive ones that you are thinking about buying. I'm not showing my washer and dryer off to anyone so this one is pretty enough and works better than I could ask for. So I am saving money and doing the same job an expensive one does.
  88. Design
    A Pretty Good Wash

    By: Seanstin1 on 9/24/2013

    I didn't really have a choice when it came to appliances because these were brand new at the property when I purchased it. The washer does the job well, some of the options can be a little confusing and I definitely reccomend giving the manual a read so you dont miss anything important. One thing I recently learned about front load washers that I do not like is the chance for mold and build up inside. I was told to leave the machine door open after a wash to let it air dry to avoid mold biuldup inside. Pretty annoying. But, the machine does wash the clothes pretty well.
  89. Design

    By: ME3371 on 9/24/2013

    I have had this washer less than 6 months and the motor went and drain tube also broke
  90. Design
    Love this machine

    By: JGoose on 7/15/2013

    The machine looks and functions beautifully. This is the first front load washer that I've purchased and I am very happy with my decision. It uses much less detergent to achieve the same cleanliness. It is also very quiet. I also purchased the matching stackable dryer which I also love!
  91. Design
    Joke at best

    By: OldGringo38 on 12/5/2012

    After having 2 of these units deliver to my home, one after the other and both being factory defective I can only come to the conclusion that these machines are in the Beta stage and have not yet been perfected. The idea is good as tumble washing is the best method of cleaning clothes. However these units are not in anyway doing the job intended. There is no spin action to remove the soapy water after the wash cycle and no spin cycles between rinses. Clothes come out with soap residue left in them no matter how little detergent is used. I could not recommend this unit because of it's imperfections. May all be a computer glitch?
  92. Design

    By: Frank on 10/28/2012

    This front loader "Affinty" has vibrated severely since installation (which included leveling) despite a so-called "vibration control system."
  93. Design

    By: Gramma Gail on 8/14/2012

    I am very happy with my washer it has features my other one did not. I like the stain feature it does work also the adjustable spin feature & bulky items. I've read several other reviews people have written the only I'm not to happy with the complaints that the machine quits working properly after the 4th year. Four years is a very short life span for a machine like this, my other one lasted over 8 years, it was the same type but smaller in size. I guess time will tell.
  94. Design
    So far I'm impressed.

    By: Diane S on 8/11/2012

    Have only had the washer since April but I have no complaints to speak of. What a difference from my old top load washer ... the clothes really do get cleaner using very little water and soap, and much quieter. Looks good too with its corresponding dryer which we also purchased - both at good prices. The one thing I would suggest to users, is to leave the door ajar when you are finished to air out the inside which sometimes collects water in the rubber groove (or you can wipe it out with a dry cloth).
  95. Design
    Don't like it.

    By: Tora on 8/11/2012

    We had a Frigidaire washer and dryer for 8 years and were completely satisfied but this washer has not met our expectations. It leaks water on the floor when you open the door. Water puddles on the gasket and needs to be wiped dry after every wash. It is noisy and is difficult to get to spin properly with anything other than a light to medium load.
  96. Design
    1st 3 months

    By: Bruce on 8/11/2012

    My wife and I agree that this front loading washer gets clothes cleaner, rinses out better, and is gentler than any of the top loaders that we've had in the past. The pedestal offers significant storage space and makes the front loader more ergonomically sound. Overall a great value.
  97. Design
    Don't like it.

    By: Tora on 8/10/2012

    We had a Frigidaire washer and dryer for 8 years and were completely satisfied but this washer has not met our expectations. It leaks water on the floor when you open the door. Water puddles on the gasket and needs to be wiped dry after every wash. It is noisy and is difficult to get to spin properly with anything other than a light to medium load.
  98. Design
    Love this machine!

    By: BellesLady on 8/10/2012

    This is my second front load washer, both have been Frigidaire and I have been very pleased with both of them. I use the German detergent Persil and it does a wonderful job, especially the one for whites (you don't need to use bleach, which I really like); the whites come out very bright and stay that way over tiime, not like bleach where after a while everything yellows. The one for colours is equally as good and colours don't fade with washing, even darks. To comment on the person with the mold problem, if you leave the door open a little, it is better for the seals and they don't mold. I have done that with both of my machines (the first one was 15 years old when it died) and I haven't had any problems with mold on the seals.
  99. Design
    Great Buy!

    By: GregH on 8/10/2012

    Purchased 4 months ago and am very pleased.
  100. Design
    very good washer

    By: Bill on 8/10/2012

    I am very satisfied and happy with my purchase. The washer has operated flawlessly and has been a big water saver, as compared to my old washer. It was the first washer I ever purchased new and I have no regrets.
  101. Design
    Whole family use

    By: Mom on 8/10/2012

    With two teenagers, two dogs and two active adults in the same household we do our fair share of laundry. Each person has two days a week (my husband & I share our days) and I get and extra day for "family" wash--kithchen, bath and dog laundry. The front load washer is the right size for our individual loads and family needs. THe height, without the stand, makes it easy for the shortest person in the family to load as well as fold clothes and reach the detergent on top.
  102. Design

    By: jenni27205 on 8/10/2012

    I love my washer. It washes the clothes so good. They are clean and I love clean
  103. Design
    Washer is Cool!

    By: Johnny B on 3/5/2012

    Well, the title tells all. It isn't the most expensive unit and it is very basic. but what is a Washing Machine suppose to do. Wash Cloths, that is right is washes great gets the dirt out and saves us money and water and energy. We have alway used the Amway SA8 Laundry Detergent or The Watkins Brand. These two in comobination of great Washer make our cloths super clean! It ain't fancy but it does it's JOB...
  104. Design
    after a few years

    By: Karen on 6/1/2011

    I like this washer, but notice that the rubber seals get moldy easily. You need to wipe it dry after use.
  105. Design
    Great machine!

    By: Aaron on 2/15/2011

    We purchased this washer from Sears and couldn't be happier. The only problem we've had with the machine is that the load needs to be perfectly balanced before starting, and the only way to find out if it's balanced or not is when you do start it the machine it will pause itself multiple times in each cycle of the wash, and your clothes will be soaking wet at the end because it will not spin very fast on the spin cycle. But that's no reason to dock a star, because that's user error not machine error. The anti-vibration technology is wonderful as we live in an apartment complex, so doing wash at 3 am is no problem. When we can afford it we would like to get the matching dryer for it.