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  • Can I use tap water to brew my coffee?

    Yes, you can use tap water with your coffee maker because an internal water filter is included or you can use purified water for best flavor.

  • Can I use a paper filter in my coffee maker?

    Yes. You can use either the permanent filter that comes with your coffee maker, or a standard # 4 paper filter.

  • Can I remove the glass carafe while coffee is brewing?

    Yes, with Auto Pause you can remove the carafe while it is brewing. Return the carafe immediately after pouring your cup of coffee as this can cause coffee to overflow from the brewing basket.

  • Does my coffee maker have a “keep warm” function?

    Yes. Your coffee will stay warm for two hours after you brew it. Because coffee quality decreases after it stands for that long, the coffee maker will automatically turn off after two hours.

  • Why is the amount of coffee brewed less than the amount of water I put into the coffee maker?

    Typically, some of the water you put in the coffee maker will be absorbed by the coffee grounds, and this is what causes the difference you see. We recommend that you follow the water levels marked on the coffee maker to make sure you brew the amount of coffee you would like.

  • How can I make coffee that is hotter?

    If you would like the coffee from your coffee maker to be hotter, be sure to use water that is room temperature – not chilled water from the refrigerator.

    You can also try warming the carafe with hot water before you brew coffee, especially if the room temperature is cold.

  • Why do I see steam coming from my coffee maker?

    It is normal to see some steam, which is produced as the heat from the coffee maker dries out the water inside it. Steam might also be created if you use hot water to brew your coffee.

    However, steam can also be the result of buildup of scale inside the coffee maker’s heater, because this can reduce water flow. If this might be the case, please use the self-cleaning function.

  • My coffee maker seems to take longer than normal to finish brewing. What might cause this?

    The heat from the coffee maker can eventually produce scale buildup. This can cause the thermostat to reduce the temperature in order to avoid overheating. Please follow the de-scaling steps.

  • Why does coffee drip from under the brewing basket?

    This is most likely caused by a buildup of coffee grounds, which can keep the valve below the brewing basket from closing completely. Simply clean the brewing basket – place it under running water and press the valve down.

  • Why does the brewing basket overflow?

    This can happen if the coffee being used is very finely ground (such as espresso). Water will flow through finer grounds more slowly, and this causes the overflow. Please be sure to use coffee that is ground for a drip coffee maker.

    It is also possible that the coffee maker’s filter is blocked. If this is the case, clean the filter by pouring water from the outside of it toward the inside.