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Frigidaire Gallery 30'' Single Electric Wall Oven

30" W x 24-3/4" D x 29" H

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24 reviews
American Pride ADA
  1. black
  2. stainless steel
  3. white


Quick Preheat

Quick Preheat

Preheat in just a few minutes.1

True Convection

True Convection

Single convection fan circulates hot air throughout the oven for faster and more even multi-rack baking.

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Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

A light oven cleaning that's chemical-free, odor-free, and fast.

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel

Resists fingerprints and cleans easily.

One-Touch Keep Warm Setting

One-Touch Keep Warm Setting

Just one touch of a button keeps food warm until everything — and everyone — is ready.

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Effortless™ Convection

Effortless™ Convection

Takes the guesswork out of convection cooking — our oven automatically adjust standard baking temperatures to convection temperatures for consistent results.* (*Upper oven only.)

Built with American Pride

Built with American Pride

Designed, enginereed and assembled in the U.S.A.

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Power Broil

Power Broil

Added power means you can broil food faster.

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Easily add a minute to the oven timer in the middle of a cycle without resetting.

Express-Select® Controls

Easily set cooking temperature or choose one-touch cooking options.

Even Baking Technology

Even Baking Technology

Our Even Baking Technology ensures even baking every time.

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ADA Compliant^

ADA Compliant2


General Specifications

  • Product Weight (lbs): 127
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 146
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Size: 30''
  • Installation Type: Built-In
  • Collection: Frigidaire Gallery


  • Oven 1 Capacity: 4.6


  • Under Counter Approved: Approved

Certifications & Approvals

  • Sabbath Mode (Star-K® Certified): Yes
  • ADA Compliant: Yes
  • Agency Approval: UL/CSA

Oven Specifications

  • Oven 1 Type: Main
  • Oven 1 Bake: 2000 Watts
  • Oven 1 Baking System: True Hidden Bake
  • Oven 1 Broil: 6 pass 3400 Watts
  • Oven 1 Broiling System: Variable (400°F to 550°F)
  • Oven 1 Convection: 2500 Watts
  • Oven 1 Interior Lighting: 2 Halogen
  • Oven 1 Rack Configuration: 2 HD Handle 1 Offset
  • Oven 1 Rack Positions: 5 positions
  • Oven 1 Interior Height: 17-1/2"
  • Oven 1 Interior Width: 24-1/8"
  • Oven 1 Interior Depth: 18-3/4"
  • Oven 1 Interior Color: Midnight Black
  • Oven 1 Cleaning System: Self Clean w/Steam Clean Option
  • Oven Window: XL Window

Cut-Out Dimensions

  • Cut-Out Height: 27-1/4" - 28-5/8"
  • Cut-Out Width: 28-1/2" - 29"
  • Cut-Out Depth: 23-1/2"

Exterior Specifications

  • Control Panel Finish: Plastic Black with Stainless Steel Overlay
  • Door Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Color: Stainless Steel
  • Exterior Finish: Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel

Exterior Dimensions

  • Height: 29"
  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 24-3/4"
  • Depth (with Door 90° Open): 45-3/4"

Cooking Controls

  • Bake: Yes
  • Broil: Variable
  • Chicken Nugget Button: No
  • Convection Conversion: Yes
  • Keep Warm: Yes
  • Pizza Button: No
  • Quick Preheat: Yes
  • Self-Clean: 2 3 4 Hours
  • Interface: Membrane
  • Oven Light: Yes
  • Lockout: Yes
  • Temperature Probe: Yes
  • Add-a-Minute: No
  • Start Time: Multiple Functions
  • Timer: Yes
  • Cook Duration: Yes
  • Numerical Keypad: Yes

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Supply Connection Location: Left Rear Bottom
  • Voltage Rating: 240V / 208V 60Hz
  • Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 240V: 3.7 / 2.8
  • Amps @ 240 Volts: 15.4 / 13.5
  • Minimum Circuit Required (Amps): 20A

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Wiring Diagram

Installation Instructions

Product Specifications Sheet

Instrucciones de instalación

Guide d'utilisation complet

Instructions d'installation

Feuille de spécifications du produit

24 Reviews

Average Rating

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  1. Design
    Looks nice but too noisy

    By: MG on 3/13/2015

    Ovens should not be noisy but this one has a loud fan that runs continuously during baking and even after you turn off the oven. It sounds like a loud microwave running all the time. Very annoying. It is a lazy solution to a problem with cheap temperature sensitive electronics. (Our older, quiet oven started on fire because of defective electronics). I would never have purchased this unit had I known about this "feature".
  2. Design
    Great oven

    By: Jeff on 3/5/2015

    A high quality oven that I installed with ease. The fan sound is somewhat noticable
  3. Design
    New oven

    By: none on 2/15/2015

    New wall oven
  4. Design
    replacement oven

    By: Bill on 1/30/2015

    Likes good, works well. We like it
  5. Design

    By: Jamie on 1/23/2015

    The oven works well!
  6. Design

    By: Peterdog on 1/15/2015

    Am in the process of purchasing a professional oventhermometer because the temperature is just not working
  7. Design
    Why isn't something being done?

    By: Stephanie on 1/15/2015

    Seems like a lot of other people are having the same issue I am. The oven temp is not accurate. I have called a repair company and they verified that it is a problem. I am currently waiting on a part. Sure seems like if this problem was consistently an issue with the units that Frigidaire would address it. And like others also say, the fan does run for an unusually long time after turning the unit off.
  8. Design
    Sleek but...

    By: Moose on 12/19/2014

    the Quick Preheat function doesn't produce good results. Had a repair guy replace the control panel but that still didn't solve the problem. Works great with the regular bake function. My other complaint is the start / stop logic. Press OFF to stop baking but that won't turn off the timer - have to hit Timer On/Off. Why??
  9. Design
    wall oven

    By: Kathy on 12/19/2014

    Oven: I only have had the use of it 1 month, but it seems to have different performances in temperature and this fan stays on a long time after shut off. I baked chicken at 350 on convection for 1 hour and it was just getting a good start, I turned it to bake and finished it in 1/2 hour. We need to investigate and make some calls, etc.
  10. Design

    By: martha on 11/20/2014

    It looks very nice. I have never had a wall oven so I am not sure how they are suppose to work.....when I am through cooking there is an exhaust type of fan that runs about 30 minutes after the oven is done cooking...I do not understand if this is normal, other than that it works great so far. I have only had it 3 months and cooked only casseroles and baked goods
  11. Design
    48 Below

    By: Pam on 10/26/2014

    The appearance of the Frigidaire oven in beautiful, but it cooks 48 degrees lower than the temperature I punch in. I realized this the first time I baked my yeast rolls. I went and bought an oven thermometer and it verified that the oven temperature is off. This is very disappointing!
  12. Design
    great oven

    By: Pilot's girl on 9/25/2014

    The oven is easy to use and cooks very evenly.