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  1. Design
    Freezer door does "bounce" open

    By: vic on 9/24/2012

    I've tried it out for 3 months, and just can't imagine living the next 20 years with having to wipe a fine frozen mist off everything I take out of the freezer. If you do not close the refrigerator door with extreme care, the freezer door bounces open. Condensation & frost coats everything. It doesn't build up a thick frost like old-fashioned refrigerators - but it is still an inexcusable flaw. Also, the edges of the protective plastic door coating are nearly impossible to get out from behind the door seal. Every now and then I attack a few shards with the pliars, but still. . . Also, the instruction manual, as well as available information online is poor. I still can't find out how I'm supposed to adjust the "moisture control" levels on the vegetable bins. I put fresh cucumbers in one and an hour later there were droplets of water condensed on the top.
  2. Design
    Just okay

    By: Daniel on 8/18/2011

    I purchased this refrigerator as an emergency replacement when my last one (not a Frigidaire) died. It fit my budget and was available immediately. The refrigerator generally works well, but there are some flaws. I'm used to doors that will swing closed with only a small push. These require the user close them firmly by hand, otherwise they will not seal and cold air will escape. Sometimes closing one door too firmly will cause the other door to open just a little bit. It's not always noticeable until you open your freezer and find everything iced over. In general, it keeps my food cold, has enough room, looks good, and works fine. But the door issue is annoying and something I wish I could have known about ahead of time.
  3. Design
    Very Nice Fridge

    By: Johnny on 12/20/2010

    I put in new wooden floors in my kitchen and I wanted a nice looking, energy efficient, high quality, cost efficient and dependable refrigerator that is why I picked the FGHT2144KR
  4. Design
    somewhat disappointed

    By: DD on 9/13/2010

    I was disappointed that a stainless refrigerator only has a stainless door. The refrigerator is also noisy. The manual describes the new noises which this efficient refrigerator has. However, the general operation is noisier than I would have expected.