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5 Reviews

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  1. Design

    By: Disappointed on 1/29/2015

    I loved our previous Frigidaire. Unfortunately it died on us after about 20 years. Of course they no longer make the same model. We purchased the one most like our previous model. Unfortunately it was delivered to us with a broken fan and it made horrible grinding noises. The manual said that it was going to run longer and be noisey and I was afraid to open it and start the racket all over. As it turns out the door was damaged at the store and when the serviceman installed the replacement, I asked him about the noise and he knew immediately that it was broken. Repaired under warantee. The crisper drawers are smaller, the light takes up too much room, the corner finish is unbelievably shoddy looking, the lunchmeat drawer and shelf are nearly impossible to remove and the shelves cannot be adjusted in small increments. I do like the moveable door bins and the light in the freezer. And to think, this was the model that came closest to our old, loved Frigidaire.
  2. Design
    Nice fridge but noisy

    By: hollyhock on 7/19/2014

    I had a 10 year old version of this fridge that died, and bought this one a month ago. It has a light in the freezer and adjustable door shelves, which my old fridge did not. I like the fridge and it fits in the limited space I have, but it is the noisiest fridge I have ever heard. Friends and family have all commented on how noisy it is. I am laid up with a broken ankle right now but as soon as I am mobile, I plan to call the appliance store where I bought it and have their serviceman come out and take a look. It cools and freezes well but it is way too noisy and I don't think that's right.
  3. Design
    Frigidaire Gallery FGHT2132PP

    By: Douglas on 6/12/2014

    After one month, excellent. How long it continues work is a better judge of what the quality really is.