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7 Reviews

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  1. Design
    Great Product

    By: Greybeard on 6/27/2014

    This refrigerator was bought as a second unit for storage of garden produce and homemade beer and wine. It has worked flawlessly for almost 3 months since it was first plugged in. It fills the need well as a second unit.
  2. Design
    Second Fridge

    By: Martha F on 5/2/2014

    Writing because I found this was a good value for a second fridge in our basement. We used this to store drinks and meats and frozen foods that don't fit into our Kitchen Refridgerator. The design and the look are great. It was just what we needed. Unfortunately it has defrosted our frozen foods 3 times. We have already had to have it repaired. It seems to be doing well since the repair but for a fridge that is less than a year old I didn't expect to have issues. I had an old 18 cu that worked find up until recently and we had that for years without an issue. I don't expect to have any other issues and we did purchase the service agreement. My frozen foods still seem to have frost on them from time to time so I will watch that. Other than that this seems ok. Doesn't keep drinks super cold though. I think it has an overall temperature issue.
  3. Design
    My Frigidaire

    By: trailblazer78 on 1/30/2014

    I bought this for a spare so I don't use it that often. It's pretty & works fine. I just don't care for the fact that when I open the door of the fridge and freezer the gasket that seals against the outside door pulls apart just a little bit. I was told by the repairman that this was normal. The seal against the fridge is fine. I just can't get used to seeing that gap in the door even though it's not affecting the seal.
  4. Design
    Fridge Review

    By: Pete on 10/2/2013

    Overall, the unit has functioned well so far. One minor complaint is that the wire rack in the main compartment is very flimsy and bows under weight. Also the rack is not adjustable. Considering this was purchased as an inexpensive spare for the garage, I am pleased. I am waiting to see how it does this winter since it is out in an unheated garage environment.
  5. Design
    The Perfect Fit

    By: rpiper1 on 7/24/2013

    The Frigidaire was the best fit for the kitchen. I know Frigidaire is a very good product and plan on using them in the future.
  6. Design
    Great Refrigirator

    By: Mr.B on 12/20/2010

    Had a Kitchenaid 18 Cu. Ft. refrigerator with 10 year warranty. It was very fancy inside. In the 9th year with still parts under warranty it broke. When I found out that the costs of labor would still be significant, I decided to take the opportunity and get a smaller fridge where I can put stuff on top of it, but still with enough room to put a frozen pizza in the freezer. My grandparents had a Frigidaire and when they died it was kept in their house that became rental property until it was sold. I began my shopping quest for a new refrigerator. Probably a week of going into all the appliance stores in the 20 miles radius. Finally after opening and closing fridge doors in the stores and sleeping over it I decided to get a Frigidaire. I like the simplicity of design. It had the basics. Much less fancy than the one I had before, but a neat simple square design suitable for a home ice box. And the name has its reputation for years. I realized that most fridge companies do not offer more than one year warranty lately. I was looking at fancier brands, but overall looking at the back of the fridges in the stores, it appeared that Frigidaire was better designed and constructed. I have it for few months now and I am very happy with it.