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  1. Design
    Great BUT a few set backs

    By: Cindy on 8/25/2012

    For 16.5 Cubic feet it does have lots of space, (allmost as much as my 18 Cubic feet that I just had) but with the good are some -not so good. LOVE the deep shelves in the door! Big enough for a gallon of milk- Other door shelves great for a dozen eggs and more room for other things. The top shelf does not have the control panel or the light bulb blocking you from placing tall items in the center of that shelf (like my old refrigerator did) My biggest complaint is that the two fruit and vegetable drawers are very small- it will hold a small head of red leaf lettuces and a cucumber and that's about it in the veggy side and the fruit side I have 3 large oranges and a dozen apples - that's about as good as it gets! The worst is you can't adjust the freezer shelf- It's set in it's spot and that's it! The biggest surprise was that this stainless steel refrigerator is magnetized!! (I've seen some that are not) so feel free to place your refrigerator magnets as you see fit!!