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Frigidaire 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

36" W x 32" D x 69-7/8" H

103 reviews
  1. black
  2. white
  3. stainless steel
  4. bisque
  5. silver mist
  6. stainless steel, black handles


Adjustable Interior Storage

Adjustable Interior Storage

Over 100 ways to organize and customize your refrigerator.

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PureSource® Ultra Water Filtration

Clean, pure, refreshing water that removes impurities straight from your refrigerator.

Store-More™ Capacity

Store-More™ Capacity

Our large capacity refrigerator gives you room to store more.

Control Lock Option

Filter Change Alert

Store-More™ Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers

Store-More™ Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in our humidity-controlled crisper drawers.

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Full-Width Freezer Shelf

Full-Width Freezer Shelf

Gives you more usable space to organize and store more.

Ready-Select® Controls

Easily select options with the touch of a button.

Energy Saver Plus Technology

Our refrigerator will automatically go into an energy-saving mode if not opened for 24 hours.1

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General Specifications

  • Annual Energy (kWH): 709
  • Condenser Type: Dynamic
  • Sound Package: Quiet Pack
  • Water Inlet Location: Left Rear Bottom
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 300
  • Product Weight (lbs): 280
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Size: 26 Cu. Ft.
  • Installation Type: Free-Standing
  • Collection: Frigidaire


  • Capacity (Cu. Ft.): 25.6
  • Fresh Food Capacity (Cu. Ft.): 16.5
  • Freezer Capacity (Cu. Ft.): 9.1
  • Total Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.): 22.1
  • Fresh Food Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.): 16
  • Freezer Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.): 6.1

Ice Maker

  • Ice Maker: Yes
  • Ice Maker Type: Side-Mounted

Certifications & Approvals

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified: No
  • CSA Certified: Yes
  • ADA Compliant: No

Exterior Specifications

  • Door Design: Tall
  • Door Style: UltraSoft™
  • Door Finish: Textured
  • Handle Design: Color-Coordinated Smooth Plastic
  • Door Hinge Covers: Hidden
  • Cabinet Finish: Textured
  • Cabinet Color: Color-Coordinated
  • Toe Grille: Color-Coordinated
  • Front Rollers: Adjustable
  • Rear Rollers: Yes
  • Door Gasket: Color-Coordinated
  • Door Stops: Yes
  • Door Closers: Yes

Freezer Specifications

  • Freezer Lighting: Standard
  • Fixed Freezer Shelves: 1 Flip / 2 Wire
  • Full-freezer Baskets: 1 Plastic
  • Fixed Door Bins: 4 White

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage Rating: 120V 60Hz
  • Amps @ 120 Volts: 8.5
  • Minimum Circuit Required (Amps): 15A
  • Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120V: 1.02
  • Power Supply Connection Location: Right Rear Bottom


  • Controls: Ready-Select® Electronic 1-9
  • Control Location: Refrigerator Interior
  • Controls Style & Color: Color-Coordinated Electronic Buttons
  • Control Buttons: 5
  • Water Filter Change Indicator Light: Yes

Exterior Dimensions

  • Height: 69-7/8"
  • Width: 36"
  • Depth: 32"
  • Case Height: 68-5/8"
  • Height with Hinges and Covers: 69-7/8"
  • Case Width: 35-7/8"
  • Case Depth: 28-3/4"
  • Depth with Doors (no Handles): 32"
  • Depth with Doors and Handles: 34-1/2"
  • Depth (with Door 90° Open): 49-1/2"
  • Height to Top of Door: 70"
  • Width between Door Edges: 36"

Fresh Food

  • Energy Saver Plus: Yes
  • Lighting Design: Standard
  • Lighting Levels: Single-Level
  • Water Filter: PureSource 3®
  • Water Filter Location: Top Right Rear
  • Cantilever Shelves: Yes
  • Fixed Shelves: 3 SpillSafe®
  • Upper Crisper: Clear
  • Lower Crisper: Clear
  • Humidity Controls: 1
  • 1-Gallon Adjustable Door Bins: 2 White
  • Fixed Door Bins: 2 Two-Liter White
  • Dairy Compartment: Clear Dairy Door


  • Dispenser Type: Tall 2-paddle
  • Crushed Ice: Yes
  • Cube Ice: Yes
  • Water: Yes
  • Dispenser Lock: Yes
  • Dispenser Light: Yes

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Wiring Diagram

Installation Instructions

Product Specifications Sheet

Energy Guide

Propietario completa Guía

Instrucciones de instalación

Guide d'utilisation complet

Instructions d'installation

Feuille de spécifications du produit

103 Reviews

Average Rating

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  1. Design
    Needs a 3rd drawer

    By: Diana on 3/16/2015

    Overall no complaints about this product except for it needs the additional drawer to store cheese and meat products. Great space in the door shelves.
  2. Design
    just like the old one.. reliable

    By: 4starz on 3/16/2015

    shelves are really fragile but otherwise like the 12 year old one that it replaced but ice bin could be redesigned not to lose so much freezer space
  3. Design
    Icemaker problems

    By: Bill on 2/24/2015

    This is a good product, except for the icemaker. It works fast, but is noisy and sometimes dumps ice into the freezer compartment. It looks good in my kitchen.
  4. Design
    Poor Quality

    By: Gary M on 2/24/2015

    Bought this model and from Day 1 have had issues. First doors were a ppor fit. HAd same adjusted, still not right. Very noisy and door handles are very loose. Owners Manual shows set screws to install doors but none exist. Have always had Frigidaire products but never again.
  5. Design
    Love it

    By: rizz on 2/13/2015

    Easy to set up, beautiful looking and easy controls! we love it!
  6. Design
    Good but TOO noisy

    By: DaninNorthPort on 2/13/2015

    Although the owner's manual describes a number of sounds as normal, the sounds are beyond what is described and very annoying. I will probably be calling for service.
  7. Design
    Do Not Recommend

    By: b on 1/17/2015

    It is loud...have ice cubes coming into the freezer part. Only had about 3 months. First and last Frigidaire product
  8. Design
    Ms Robinson

    By: Ms Robinson on 1/15/2015

    Ice maker sometimes makes a loud knocking sound.
  9. Design
    Poor Quality

    By: Max on 1/15/2015

    The ice maker broke twice after just a few days
  10. Design
    new refrigerator

    By: ken on 1/15/2015

    It works
  11. Design

    By: Bonnie on 12/11/2014

    Ice maker is leaking H2O & seal looks fine. I'm dumbfounded
  12. Design
    Good, not Great

    By: C Naranjo on 12/10/2014

    A good basic model. We have had issues with the ice maker, but the problems were easily fixed by frigidaire. Nothing too spectacular, just basic
  13. Design
    N O I S E Y !!!

    By: Leen on 11/16/2014

    We love the frig but....... it's the noisiest frige ever. It sometimes sounds like there is someone in there tapping a code to get out ! It's has a high pitched sound and groans too. The ice maker decides if you will get crushed or cubes at will. It's a surprise. Love the appearance and the room!
  14. Design

    By: Dodie on 11/13/2014

    We had to replace our old Frigidaire. We purchased a newer version of our old Frigidaire. The only difference is the noises that it makes and they are very loud at times. Our old one was so quiet you never knew that it was even running. Other than the noise its a good.
  15. Design
    Frigidaire Frig

    By: Sandi on 10/23/2014

    Frig is less than 5 months and the ice maker has quit
  16. Design
    Very Noisy

    By: Len on 10/17/2014

    Refrig. is ok except the noise level was over the top. Had three service calls where 3 parts were replaced with no noticeable improvement.
  17. Design
    Bad Ref

    By: Ref on 10/17/2014

    worst appliance ever bought
  18. Design
    great fridge

    By: lorrie on 10/16/2014

    Great fridge plenty of space.
  19. Design

    By: TLT on 10/4/2014

    Noisiest refrigerator I have ever owned
  20. Design
    It was ok

    By: Ashley on 10/2/2014

    The handle on the door came loose right away. It was inexpensive, and I can see why. The water and ice seems cheaply made and will likely break soon. Next time I will spend more and get an upgrade. It will have to be soon as this fridge probably won't last long!
  21. Design
    Not recommended

    By: S on 10/2/2014

    Ice Maker Problems
  22. Design
    Love this Refrigerator

    By: Fred on 9/19/2014

    Our 18-year old fridge died a horrible death, and it was never what I would call "really good" quality. It was too small, noisy and often temperamental, but it was all we could afford at the time. I looked all over the Internet, read reviews and talked to friends and they all lead me to Frigidaire. This is a great product! We've only had it a couple of months, but I am impressed with the build quality, features and low-noise operation. I wish we had done this sooner, life is too short for bad appliances!
  23. Design
    excellent refrigerator

    By: JPGullick on 9/1/2014

    we are very pleased with our new refrigerator. teh vegetable bin is much larger than our previous one which is helpful since we are eating a mostly plant based diet. We love the filtered water/ice in the door and use it constantly.
  24. Design
    Broken parts

    By: Missing my ice on 8/17/2014

    Our refrigerator is only 4 months old and the ice maker quit. Where is the quality in our products? It's also taking forever to get repaired. There is not much communication between Frigidaire and the local repair company they contract with. When it did work, it was very loud. In hind-sight, maybe that was a sign that it was a bad part?
  25. Design
    Cool and Happy

    By: Jim Moore on 8/15/2014

    We were happy with our Frigidaire refrigerator until the water started to really slow down coming thorugh the door outlet. Then the ice cubes started running on the small side and then puny. I finally called a few weeks back and your on-line service person said: "When was the last time you changed your filter?" Dah! I had own the refrigerator for almost a year and had not changed the filter once. Never thought of it! I ordered on on-line and when I installed it, the problems went away. Now the only thing I have a problem with is the ice cubes flowing out of the bin into the freezer. The arm does not seem to stop when the bin fills up. Other then that, it is working perfectly! I even have a Frigidaire Air Conditioning System and I am very happy with I as well. It has lowered my electric bill significantly and keeps the house at just the right temperature. Thanks for the quality products you produce! Jim Moore
  26. Design
    Very nice refrigerator

    By: Linda on 7/30/2014

    Old refrigerator stopped freezing and was over 10 years old. It was time for a new one. Without knowing I bought a newer model of our old refrigerator. I am very happy with this purchase. The only thing that could be different is the ice maker, it throws ice cubes out of basket unto bottom floor of freezer.
  27. Design
    A good solid product

    By: Myke on 7/24/2014

    Great appliance just wish it was bigger
  28. Design
    It's a fridge

    By: new wave dave on 7/24/2014

    this fridge is ok it is not top of the line but will do for a side by side
  29. Design

    By: chuck on 7/17/2014

    Hi, I need a deli basket for this fridge. Otherwise it is great.
  30. Design
    Noisy refrigerator

    By: mff on 6/25/2014

    The unit has unusual noises like popping, gurgling and groaning and also excess run time
  31. Design
    Love this frdige.

    By: Amy on 6/20/2014

    I wanted a basic white side by side with ice and water in the door. It works great and has a lock feature on the ice and water as well. it's a great item for the price. Love it!
  32. Design
    love it

    By: skeeter7218 on 6/20/2014

    My new Frigidaire 26 Cu. Ft. side-by-side is the best refrigerator that I have ever owned/seen! It has lots of storage space. I love the big drawers & the fact that I can see what is in them without opening them! The adjustable shelves are great. the shelves on the door or perfect! Best fridge ever made Thank you!
  33. Design
    Service needed already

    By: Dawn on 6/19/2014

    The ice cube maker stopped working properly after two weeks. At first it wouldn't crush ice and would only do cubes, now it won't due cubes and will only crush ice. I've only had the refrigerator for less than two months.
  34. Design
    Service needed already

    By: Dawn on 6/19/2014

    The ice cube maker stopped working properly after two weeks. At first it wouldn't crush ice and would only do cubes, now it won't due cubes and will only crush ice. I've only had the refrigerator for less than two months.
  35. Design
    Freezing water filter

    By: Fred on 6/13/2014

    Freezer set at 3, fridge set at 2 and the water filter still freezes up.
  36. Design
    Looks nice too!

    By: Ken on 5/15/2014

    Like the finger proof finish and the all white color. Spill catch shelves, lots of room in door shelves. A quick wipe down and was ready to go.
  37. Design
    Rust ice blade

    By: Michelle on 2/27/2014

    The blade in the freezer that cuts and pushes out the ice keeps rusting causing ice to taste ugly
  38. Design

    By: Kathy on 12/18/2013

    I really like my new refrigerator. The only thing that could make it better is that it should have a cold meat drawer. It's the first time a refrigerator I have owned did not have one. I like the amount of interior space there is and the ease in which I can get things out I need. All and all, I am very satisfied with this product.
  39. Design
    love it so far

    By: JIM on 12/17/2013

    Had the unit 6 months and it's a great product.
  40. Design
    Great appliance

    By: Jessica on 10/2/2013

    Love the room and features
  41. Design

    By: rosie on 9/25/2013

    the quality control on this product is not acceptable. We have had an excellent repair man out three times for too much ice and water through the door. He is coming again today. This time with a new door. All of this since the end of June when we purchased it.
  42. Design
    ice maker issues!

    By: glwood on 9/25/2013

    product looks great but, after 5 months this will be the second call on the ice maker this is not acceptable
  43. Design

    By: irv on 9/24/2013

    I would not recommend this product to anyone. I had problems with the first one and you wanted three tries to make it quiet and I wasn't looking to have a used unit here, that's what I felt it would be if had three repairs.The store I bought it from traded it out for the same model, as being on fixed income I could not upgrade. the second one makes the same type noises as the first but not as loud or as often. So NO I will not tell my friends to buy Fridgidaire,
  44. Design
    Good Product for the price

    By: veniceguy on 9/24/2013

    My experience so far with this product has been good. I had to contact Frigidiare after the initial delivery for a replace shelf part. Received it quickly. So far I am please with the product.
  45. Design
    : (

    By: B on 7/20/2013

    This model did not have a meat and cheese drawer and 7 months into ownership the door handle is very loose. Would not recommend this refrigerator to any one. I've have owned many refrigerators in my life and I've never had the above two things occur.
  46. Design
    Cool to be cool

    By: Cool Gary on 7/18/2013

    Very spacious. Lots of options where goodies can be cooled or frozen. Water system is too slow, but we manage. Ice maker is amazing -- makes it fast! Quiet running and energy efficient.
  47. Design
    26 cu frig

    By: kwcant on 7/18/2013

    this is a awesome refrigerator, I love it , it keeps everything at the temp. that I set it on, it has been the best appliance ive owned in the last 10 years. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. no problems at all.
  48. Design
    Piece of Junk

    By: AnnaG on 7/4/2013

    Have not even had this refrigerator for a year and on the line right now trying to get it fixed AGAIN!!! First 6 months, fridge worked wonders then my ice maker went, then needed condenser, and now, freezer side isnt freezing and refrigerator side is not holding it's digital setting. Yes this model is discontinued and no, I will never purchase a Frigidaire product again. Ridiculous!
  49. Design

    By: Brian on 4/9/2012

    Searched for a couple years, never thought we would like a side-side. What a pleasant surprise, not only tons of room, but quiet and light in the freezertoo.
  50. Design
    Water dispenser

    By: IG on 3/9/2012

    the water dispenser is very slow. the spout is tiny. Ice dispenser works fine.
  51. Design
    In need of..

    By: Jack on 8/18/2011

    Great refrigerator, but really needs a deli drawer. Not available even as an extra purchase.

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