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Frigidaire Professional 30'' Freestanding Gas Range

29-7/8" W x 25-3/4" D x 47-3/4" H

46 reviews
American Pride


PowerPlus® Full Range Burner

PowerPlus® Full Range Burner

From simmer to boil fast.

PowerPlus® Preheat

PowerPlus® Preheat

Preheat in just a few minutes. 1

True Convection

Single convection fan circulates hot air throughout the oven for faster and more even multi-rack baking

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel

Resists fingerprints and is easy to clean.

PowerPlus® Clean

Heavy-duty self cleaning with 25% more cleaning power.

Built with American Pride

Built with American Pride

Designed, enginereed and assembled in the U.S.A. Appliances that are high-performing, more accessible, and more innovative than ever.

"My Favorite" Setting

"My Favorite" Setting

Easily program your most used setting with the touch of a button.

One-Touch Options

Our ovens feature easy-to-use one touch buttons so you can add a minute to the timer, or keep foods warm – with the touch of a button.

SpaceWise® Half Rack

SpaceWise® Half Rack

Flexible rack system that adjusts to cook multiple dishes at once. Remove the half rack and you’ll have extra height for tall dishes.

Heavy-Duty Grates and Professional-Style Knobs

Pro-Select® Controls

Precise control at your fingertips.

Auto Oven Shut-Off

As an extra safety measure, the oven will automatically shut off after six hours.

Even Baking Technology

Even Baking Technology

Our Even Baking Technology ensures even baking every time.

Delay Start

Delay Start

Set your oven to begin cooking on your schedule. It can be programmed from one to 24 hours.

Continuous Grates

Continuous Grates

Continuous Grates make it easy to move heavy pots and pans across burners without lifting.

Even Broil

Even Broil

Greater flame coverage means you can broil food more evenly.

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General Specifications

  • Gas Supply Connection Location: Centerline Lower Rear
  • Leveling Legs: 4, Adjustable
  • Product Weight (lbs): 200
  • Power Type: Gas
  • Size: 30''
  • Installation Type: Free-Standing
  • Collection: Frigidaire Professional

Cooktop Specifications

  • Center: Oval 10,000 BTU
  • Cooking Surface: Deep Sump
  • Grate Color: Black Matte
  • Grate Material: Cast Iron
  • Grates: Full-Width
  • Knob Color: Stainless Steel
  • Knob Type: New Pro Cast Stainless Steel Finish
  • Left Front: 9,500 BTU
  • Left Rear: 15,000 BTU
  • Right Front: 17,000/500 BTU
  • Right Rear: 5,000 BTU

Electrical Specifications

  • Minimum Circuit Required (Amps): 15A
  • Power Supply Connection Location: Rear Centerline Lower
  • Voltage Rating: 120V, 60Hz

Certifications & Approvals

  • ADA Compliant: No
  • Agency Approval: CSA
  • Sabbath Mode (Star-K® Certified): Yes


  • Drawer Functionality: Warming Drawer
  • Drawer Racks: 1 x Warming Rack
  • Handle: New Pro Stainless Steel


  • Griddle: Cast Iron - Included


  • Bake: Yes
  • Broil: Broil Variable (400 - 500°F)
  • Cancel Button: Yes
  • Chicken Nugget Button: Yes
  • Convection Bake: Yes
  • Convection Conversion: Yes
  • Convection Roast: Yes
  • Cooktop Lock-out: Yes
  • Delay Bake: Yes
  • Delay Clean: Yes
  • Delay Start: Yes
  • Keep Warm: Yes
  • Oven Lockout: Yes
  • Lower Drawer Controls: Warmer, Low-Med-High
  • Main Oven: Self Clean
  • Pizza Button: Yes
  • Quick Preheat: Yes
  • Self-Clean: 2, 3, 4 Hours (Scroll thru)
  • Temperature Probe: No
  • Timed Cook Option: Yes
  • Timer Shut-off: 6 hours
  • Timer On-Off: Yes
  • Timer Lockout: Yes

Exterior Dimensions

  • Height: 47-3/4"
  • Width: 29-7/8"
  • Depth: 25-3/4"

Oven Specifications

  • Convection Conversion: Yes
  • Oven 1 Bake: 18,000 BTU
  • Oven 1 Baking System: Even Baking Technology
  • Oven 1 Broil : 13,500 BTU
  • Oven 1 Broiling System: PowerPlus® Broil
  • Oven 1 Cleaning System: Self-Clean
  • Oven 1 Convection: 350 Watts
  • Oven 1 Convection System: True Convection
  • Oven 1 Hidden Bake Element: Yes
  • Oven 1 Interior Color: Slate Blue
  • Oven 1 Interior Depth: 19-1/8"
  • Oven 1 Interior Height: 18-5/8"
  • Oven 1 Interior Lighting: 1 Halogen (round)
  • Oven 1 Interior Width: 24-3/8"
  • Oven 1 Rack Configuration: 1 Effortless™ Rack, 1 Heavy Duty Handle Rack, 1 Half Rack
  • Oven 1 Rack Positions: 6 positions
  • Oven 1 Type: Main
  • Oven Window: XL Window Grey Horizontal Screen

Exterior Specifications

  • Control Panel Finish: Aluminum with Stainless Steel Finish
  • Cooktop Finish: Black Porcelain
  • Door Finish: Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel
  • Drawer Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Exterior Finish: Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel
  • Handle Color: Stainless Steel
  • Manifold Panel: Stainless Steel

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Wiring Diagram

Installation Instructions

Propietario completa Guía

Instrucciones de instalación

Guide d'utilisation complet

Instructions d'installation

46 Reviews

Average Rating

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  1. Design
    Love it!

    By: Kjboots on 9/21/2014

    Love this range! It is the 3rd rangeive had by fridigaire ...I buy a new one very time I move!
  2. Design
    Replacement Range

    By: Vera on 9/19/2014

    This range replaced a double oven range that we had a lot of problems with. So for, it is working good.
  3. Design
    Not good

    By: Sally on 8/15/2014

    We purchased this range three years ago and the front two burners don't work and tge cooking griddle cracked about two years ago and we have a hard time opening and closing the door because of the wire rack that is connected.
  4. Design

    By: happy on 6/19/2014

    love the appliance works great cleans easily oven is amazing. I can not wait to purchase the matching appliances.
  5. Design
    Bad news

    By: Disappointed on 1/2/2014

    First unit burned out circuit board unit replaced next unity defective main burner igniter replaced. Now bad odor from broiler service tomorrow
  6. Design
    GREAT Stove

    By: MarcoSan on 12/17/2013

    only complaints are rubber plugs on bottom of grates melt and fall out and left rear 15k btu burner kinda melted the face of stove Amazing stove with great features
  7. Design
    Too many repair calls

    By: Oregon on 12/16/2013

    This unit is attractive and easy to use; however, we have had three repair calls in less than a year. Fortunately, the unit is still under warranty but what happens with the warranty is up in a few months... I would strongly discourage anyone from purchasing this model.
  8. Design
    key pad

    By: madmike on 10/30/2013

    after 4 years keypad had to be replaced and the more i read im not the only one
  9. Design
    Good first upgrade

    By: mppaul2 on 10/2/2013

    I have had the stove since April 2013. First upgrade, along with the dishwasher and microwave, over what the builder installed 20 years ago. It looks great..always get compliments. At least 3 times so far the End beeper on the oven did not shut off with out me hitting several buttons or switching the breaker off and then on. That was frustrating. It has not happened consistently and it may just be a wacky electrical glitch, so I am not inclined to call for service. Therefore, I really want to give this an overall 3.5 rating.
  10. Design

    By: Bubbles on 9/25/2013

    This range is amazing. It makes cooking so easy even my husband has taken an interest in making our meals.
  11. Design
    Blows hot air!

    By: Sharon on 9/19/2013

    This appeared to be a nice product with all the features, but after using the oven I could not stand over the stove to cook because of the vent blowing the oven hot air right at me! I've never had a stove that vented like this!
  12. Design
    Design Flaw

    By: Mano on 6/25/2013

    On very first use of my range, back left burner, with a sauc pan on top - control panel melted (left side) !!. I noticed it withing 30 minutes of switching on my burner. When I looked at it, the flame is so high, it will burn / melt the plastic control panel every time. They should not have put a big burner at the back and made control panel that wide. It is a design flaw. Please test yourself in your testing facility and you will get it.
  13. Design

    By: Jim on 2/10/2013

    This is my second recent Frigidaire gas range, and it exceeded expectations. I expected an even-baking, accurate oven because the last one, a model 305 which has the same oven was superb in this respect and so is this one. The upgraded cooktop is super-awesome, The dual burner is well worth it - those who complain that it's either all on, or all off don't realize that you have one knob controlling two gas valves and that the burner IS adjustable up and down through its whole range. This one has a warming drawer which my older model 305 lacks and at first I thought it might be a gimmick, but that isn't the case - it's totally useful and can keep food warm for hours if need be. The stainless steel on the stove seems to be of a high quality and I have had no problems with smudging, or cleaning. Only one ding here: the rubber feet on the bottom of the burner grates will come out after a while - same as the ones on my model 305 did - Frigidaire should have an easy way to get extra ones - you'll need 'em, but on a range overall THIS GOOD that amounts to nit picking.
  14. Design
    love my range

    By: Fran on 2/22/2012

    This is one of the best ranges, I have ever purchased. Top quality in design, bakes & cooks perfectly. Love the large glass door, the light is bright to see through. The fifth burner griddle is the entire length of the range. The knobs are stainless, easy to clean. Am an avid cook, so this makes it so much more pleasant to use. Intend to buy Frigidaire products in the future.
  15. Design
    Not what I hoped it would be.

    By: Karen on 11/2/2011

    I'm very disappointed with the power burner. It is very hard to control. It's either all on or a simmer burner. It's a very poor design, and if I'd cooked with one like this before I'd wouldn't have bought it. When you bring the power down a bit you loose the outer ring of heat and all the flame is concentrated in a small area in the center of the pan. You loose the nice even heat that the outer ring gives you. This is the burner I used to use the most on my old range (also a Frigidare). That range had a power burner and it was much easier to use. I also wish I could have gotten this in Bisque. The black top is awful to keep clean, it streaks like crazy and it never looks clean no matter how hard I try to keep it clean. Stainless steel is awful to keep clean, again it streaks like crazy and finger prints show a lot. The ffith burner is nice, but I seldom use it and I'll use the warming drawer for the first time this Thanksgiving. I love the convection oven. I wouldn't ever buy another range without one. The oven layout is great. I use it 4 or 5 times a week. I wouldn't buy this range again. The poor design of the power burner and the difficultly in keeping the stove top looking clean would be my primary reasons for my disappointment. If there was a way to retool the power burner I'd do it in a heartbeat!
  16. Design
    Best Range for the price

    By: Juni on 8/18/2011

    I really like this range, the oven seems to be more accurate than our previoius range that was only 3 yrs old. I like the simmer option on the top. The range is easy to keep clean and the husband likes the griddle.
  17. Design

    By: Diddo on 8/17/2011

    We have had Frigidaire appliances for years with great success. Of course we thought of nothing else but Frigidaire when we wanted to update the kitchen. We chose the FPGF3081 for our range replacement. What a big disappointment. The cooking performance is wonderful although a little more control on the power plus burner would be nice. The assembly quality on our stove was very poor. There was a huge gap between the stove top and the panel for the control knobs. Three service calls later, it was determined that the right side stove panel was not assembled properly. After the adjustment the problem was solved. Then one of the feet on the bottom of the grates came off and stuck to the stove top. When I removed the foot piece it also removed the finish on the stove top. The grate and the stove top was replaced with no problem. And now one side of the front gas burner isn't working. I sure did not expect this many issues with an expensive stove, especially a Frigidaire. On the positive side, the cooking performance is outstanding.
  18. Design
    Good not Great

    By: Baker on 8/11/2011

    Unfortunately oven (& microwave in pro series) both broken within 18 months of purchase. Questionable quality. Cooktop is nice, but power burner is on right side, same location as microwave handle and being stainless steel gets really hot! Should rethink design for future and place power burner on left. Frigidaire covered parts cost which was good, but we still had to cover initial assessment plus labor on repairs. Parts cost contribution on their part was good customer service.
  19. Design
    Great gas range!

    By: donaldsg on 4/5/2011

    I learned to cook on gas, but have had to endure electric for years until a recent kitchen remodel, so now it is great to cook on gas again. I love having a proper broiler again: it heats up fast and broils fast - you have to watch it! I really like the warming drawer feature, although it would be nice if it was a little taller (casserole with a lid on won't fit), but it is wonderful to have hot plates and to keep the pancakes warm until all are cooked. (The rack is pretty useless, BTW) I agree with other comments about the Powerboil burner. It is high or low with not much in between, but I just shift things to another burner if I need to cook above a simmer after boiling. And I tend to mainly use it for boiling the kettle, anyway. The rear left burner has high enough BTUs to boil most other things. And it is handy to have the Powerboil burner function as a second simmer burner if you need it. Like the controls being vertical on the front and not flat with the cooktop. They don't get so dirty in that position. Convection is new to me but I like it. Cakes come out more evenly risen and moist than from our previous oven. And you can bake two trays of cookies at once without having to move them halfway through. The Convect convert feature is useful too. I find it easy to clean (wipe with an antibacterial wipe and polish the black enamel top with a dry cloth to remove streaks) and the brushed stainless steel does not show finger marks. I very much do NOT like the preset controls for frozen food. This is a real cooker not a microwave! It clutters the display and frankly, as a cook, I feel insulted. I almost didn't buy this range because I disliked it so much. However, there was not much to choose between the gas cookers in this price range and so the warming drawer decided it for me. I thought I would use the griddle and the pullout oven rack, but find I don't. The griddle is too small to be useful so we use a large griddle that covers two burners. We don't use it on that middle burner because then the other burners would be inaccessible. And as for the pullout rack: it is low and I tend to bake in the middle of the oven. Plus it squeaked whenever I opened the door so I disconnected it. Maybe I'll give it another try.
  20. Design
    It's impressive

    By: Terri on 1/3/2011

    I love the middle burner feature it's great for grill sandwiches and my son fried up to 6 eggs on it at one time. I don't find the power burner to be as efficent as I thought. All the dials are sensitive you have to adjust very slowly to get the setting you want. I love the warming tray on the bottom. I put our dinner plates in when I start cooking and then our plates are warm and our food stays hot longer. I also love the 3 racks, just be careful which racks they deliver I didn't get the ones that was in the floor model, but the store made good on it and I got the rack I expected. Overall I like my range, however it gives out alot of heat which is a little inconvient on rainy summer nights when we can't b-que.
  21. Design

    By: UNDERDOGGY on 12/31/2010

  22. Design
    Almost Perfect

    By: Cory on 12/29/2010

    I like all the features, except two. You must cancel the bake temperature to modify its setting. Can"t just use a up or down button. Not a big deal as it is easily done. Also, it would be nice to remove the large center burner when not in use. This would make clean up just a bit easier. I am very happy with the stove.
  23. Design
    great selection

    By: Asif on 12/29/2010

    This is my first gas range converted from electric range and after using it we are convinced that our selection was the best. we love the style and features.
  24. Design
    Works Great

    By: SUSAN on 12/24/2010

    I really like this range, love the rapid preheat oven, simmer burner works great, just right "to keep it warm", power plus burner is either really hot or slow simmer, not much difference between the high and low, wish there was more variation in it. Love the light in oven, comes on when you open the door, and the "pull out rack" is great!!! No more burn spots on the wrists! Just a good appliance, really like the stainless steel also, it does not finger print like the other ranges we looked at. Very easy to clean and really like the one piece grate over two burners. Just a great appliance.
  25. Design
    Thank goodness for Frigidaire's Professional line

    By: Deb on 12/23/2010

    Product is awesome. My X-mas cookies were the best. It's everything I wanted and more. So easy to keep clean and is a real work horse too. Other appliances in the line are just as great!!
  26. Design
    I'm in love so far..

    By: TS on 12/21/2010

    Frigidaire, why didn't you make the LCD screens the same shade of green in the complete Professional series of appliances? I own this microwave and this professional series freestanding oven (all stainless steel) and the clocks are two different shades of green. And it stands out like a sore thumb. Why didn't show a picture diagram or even a written description on how to remove the lower sliding rack. I had to go back to where I purchased it from to ask them how. But all-in-all I love my new stove.
  27. Design

    By: DANNY on 12/21/2010

  28. Design
    I love this range!!

    By: BJ on 12/21/2010

    This is the best range I've ever owned. I love the features, i.e. convection feature, middle burner, oven rack that rolls out when door is opened and the ease of keeping it clean. The only draw back is it's only got 30" for the 5 burners and I wish I had more space for a wider range. I highly recommend this range.
  29. Design
    Great Appliance

    By: Paul on 12/21/2010

    Wish I had purchased it earlier. Do not regret it for a minute.
  30. Design

    By: Pat on 12/21/2010

    This range has everything I wanted and more. The convection feature is great. I would highly recommend this range.
  31. Design
    Professional Range

    By: Donna on 12/20/2010

    Overall, we like this range very much. It looks great and has the professional style we wanted. One drawback--while I love having the powerplus burner, there are really only two setting--very high or very low. I would have appreciated a wider range of power settings on this burner.
  32. Design
    Great buy

    By: Deb on 11/30/2010

    Absolutely love my new range. It is everything I expected.Very stylish but easy to keep clean. Cooks and bakes precisely and efficiently.