Frigidaire 13.7 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer

28" W x 28-5/8" D x 60-3/8" H

60 reviews
American Pride Plug Type NEMA 5-15P

Plug Type NEMA 5-15P


Frost-Free Operation

Never defrost your freezer again.

Built with American Pride

Built with American Pride

Appliances that are high-performing, more accessible, and more innovative than ever—designed, built, and engineered in the U.S.A.

Bright Lighting

Bright Lighting

Our bright lighting makes it easy to see what’s inside.

Automatic Alerts

Freezer alerts you if the door is left open or if the temperature rises.

Lock with Pop-out Key

Lock with Pop-out Key

The freezer key automatically ejects after locking the door so you won't leave it in the door.

Power-on Indicator Light

Power-on Indicator Light

Know at a glance that your freezer is working.

SpaceWise® Shelf Bookends

SpaceWise® Shelf Bookends

Clever and flexible bookends help you organize because they are designed to hold more frozen food containers upright.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Adjustable Temperature Control

Select the correct temperature for your needs.

Color-Coordinated Handle

Color-Coordinated Handle


General Specifications

  • Annual Cost (.1065 / kWH): 66
  • Annual Energy (kWH): 621
  • Frost Free: Yes
  • Interior Light: Yes
  • Leveling Legs: 2, Adjustable
  • Power On Light: Yes
  • Product Weight (lbs): 175
  • Temperature Range: -10 to 10°F
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Size: 14 Cu. Ft.
  • Installation Type: Free-Standing
  • Collection: Frigidaire

Freezer Specifications

  • Adjustable Shelf Bookend Organizers: 1
  • Defrost: Frost-Free
  • Directional Airflow Ports: 1
  • Door Ajar Alarm: Yes
  • Fixed Door Racks: 5 Full-Width White
  • Fixed Freezer Shelves: 3 Wire
  • High-Temperature Alarm: Yes


  • Total Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.): 13.73

Electrical Specifications

  • Amps @ 120 Volts: 5.0
  • Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120V: 0.60
  • Minimum Circuit Required (Amps): 15A
  • Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P
  • Power Supply Connection Location: Right Rear Bottom
  • Voltage Rating: 120V, 60Hz

Certifications & Approvals

  • CSA Certified: Yes
  • CSA Rating: Household
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified: No

Exterior Dimensions

  • Case Depth: 26-3/8"
  • Depth with Doors (no Handles): 28-5/8"
  • Depth with Doors and Handles: 31-1/8"
  • Case Height: 59-5/8"
  • Height with Hinges and Covers: 60-3/8"
  • Case Width: 28"
  • Depth: 28-5/8"
  • Depth (with Door 90° Open): 55-3/8"
  • Height: 60-3/8"
  • Width: 28"


  • Adjustable Temp. Control: Yes
  • Control Location: Top of Door, Exterior
  • Control Lock: Yes
  • Controls: Easy-Set™ Digital
  • Front Digital Display: Yes

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Wiring Diagram

Product Specifications Sheet

Energy Guide

Propietario completa Guía

Guide d'utilisation complet

Feuille de spécifications du produit

60 Reviews

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  1. Design

    By: Deezee on 6/19/2014

    No problems with this freezer. Works exactly as a freezer should
  2. Design
    Good freezer

    By: Viv on 6/12/2014

    The interior light certainly comes in handy. It has just enough selves to hold everything, is frost free, and the basket is great for holding items like frozen breads.
  3. Design

    By: Soccerscrub on 6/12/2014

    Nice appliance. Quiet, roomy on the inside. More efficient than the freezer we replaced, and even though the outer dimensions were practically identical, this new freezer stores MUCH more food!
  4. Design

    By: Lisa on 5/15/2014

    We have a larger version of this same freezer, but needed another one as the larger one was full from our side of beef. I was able to put all of the rest of my food in this freezer. Now they sit side by side & look really nice together.
  5. Design
    Noisy & disappointing

    By: Allan on 1/11/2014

    Bought this freezer as our old one died. We decided to put the freezer on the main floor as we are getting a little older and didn't want to go up and down the stairs every time we wanted in the freezer. First freezer made a god awful noise when running. The longer it would run the louder it would get. We could hear it in the living room and the freezer was three rooms away! Went to where we bought it and they agreed to take it back and give us a different freezer but the same model. Well, it isn't as noisy but it isn't quite either. It runs a lot and doesn't seem to be very energy efficient. We are going back to where we bought it today to see if we can get a different model and a different brand. I would not recommend this model to anyone unless it was going to be in a garage or outside.
  6. Design

    By: Diane on 12/18/2013

    This appliance is very noisy and intrusive.
  7. Design
    Not in my house

    By: Ssims on 10/28/2013

    This up-right freezer is loud, With-in 60 days of purchase had their serviceman replace the fan motor and he said this model is just loud. It belongs in the basement or out in the garage. Would not buy this one MAKE SURE YOU HEAR IT RUN BEFORE PURCHASED. (lesson learned) Would NOT recommend
  8. Design
    its ok

    By: lisa on 10/2/2013

    it seems to break down alot and also gets hot alot
  9. Design
    my upright

    By: sandy on 10/2/2013

    very happy with this freezer. roomy. makes very little noise. also, price was good. would highly recommend
  10. Design
    works well but runs a lot

    By: franchi on 9/25/2013

    This freezer seems to work well but it runs a lot of the time. I am not sure how much energy it actually consumes but it concerns us that the compressor runs so much. It is also quite noisy (ok for a distant utility location but would be hard to sleep near the freezer). The freezer is a nice design and size. The storage arrangement is quite good. No problem with ice buildup.
  11. Design

    By: JOE.C on 9/24/2013

  12. Design
    Just What I Neded

    By: Sakaca on 7/19/2013

    I love my freezer. I've had it almost six months now and I smile every time I pass by it. It's the best purchase I have made in years. I really appreciate the lighted number on the outside of the door. I can see at a glance whether or not it's receiving power and what the temperature is on the inside. I would recommend this model to my friends.
  13. Design
    A Tad Noisy

    By: JeansKid on 7/12/2013

    We bought this to replace our 20ish year old 11 cubic foot machine. The extra couple of feet make a big difference. Plenty of space. This supplements our side-by-side fridge/freezer, where the freezer is useless for any large item. Like the light which our old unit did not have. Would have liked a temperature setting in degrees (found on higher models) instead of just a number so it would tell you how cold it really is. Had to settle for the 14F5 instead of the 14F7 which isn't made any longer. The F7 had a better shelf layout for our purposes. And this unit is a tad noisy. Ours is in a basement room where we don't notice, until we walk into the room.
  14. Design
    Making the Most of It

    By: vivele on 7/12/2013

    We are very satisfied with this product. Since we are only two people it serves our needs efficiently and effectively. It is a fairly quiet machine and holds quite a bit of food. We would recommend to those who have a small family.
  15. Design
    Good Upright Frost-Free Freezer

    By: Ro on 6/25/2013

    We have had this freezer for 2 months now. It is quiet, maintains constant temperature, and seems to be a very solid-made unit. I would definitely recommend this freezer to others. We are very pleased with this unit.
  16. Design
    frig. freezer

    By: sonny on 9/2/2012

    I really enjoys my freezer as well as all my frigidaire appliances (ref., kitchen stove, dishwasher, dryer, a/c unit. We have admired the quality over the years and have not needed a service call. We have replaced appliances only because my wife wants newer updated or different color appliances and not because they were worn out.
  17. Design

    By: Lin on 8/31/2012

    I like the convenience of an upright freezer. Eveerything is at your finger tips. You do not have to dig through other frozen foods to find what you want.
  18. Design
    Fridgidaire 13.7 cu

    By: laurainaz on 8/11/2012

    I have no complaints about this freezer. It works great. Keeps a steady temperature. Perfect size for me. I would recomend this for 1 to 4 people.
  19. Design
    My opinion

    By: Roger on 8/10/2012

    Freezer is noisy. The compressor is noisier than I would have expected and there is a noise (something is resonating in the back of the freezer), which is unacceptable, especially if it was located in the living area of our home. I will probably call for a service call in the near future to have the noise investigated.
  20. Design
    bad luck

    By: Krissy on 10/25/2011

    Bought this 18 months ago and then a side of beef. Quit running after 18 mos. and I lost all the food stored inside. Has been kept in controlled environment since delivery. Very disappointed in product reliability.
  21. Design
    Great buy

    By: jrd58 on 9/29/2011

    After reading the negative reviews concerning the noise this unit makes I was hesitant to buy it, but since the size was perfect and the price was even better I bought it and I have difficulty hearing it operating even standing in the area where it is located Free delivery and pickup of old unit included in the purchase from Lowes.
  22. Design

    By: John K on 9/5/2011

    We are glad we didn't pay attention to the "Noisey" reviews. This freezer has been anything but noisy. It is everything the product description says it is and more. It's the perfect size for the two of us and doesn''t take up much space.
  23. Design

    By: Ken on 8/21/2011

    We have been throughly pleased with our new freezer and would highly recommend it to anyone.
  24. Design
    It is noisy

    By: bowlcoach on 8/13/2011

    Be prepared for noise. It does seem to run a little more noisy than most. We replaced a 23 year old upright freezer with this one. We never heard the old freezer (until it was dying last month), but the new one is considerably louder.
  25. Design

    By: mikeb on 4/28/2011

    The unit in the garage thank god because if it was in the house it would be going back. The unit is very noisey
  26. Design
    Excellent basic freezer

    By: Mike on 1/15/2011

    This unit maximizes space by thoughtful design of door storage and good shelf configuration. Being "frost-free" means that it's not the most energy efficient model available, but because it can store a great deal of food in in less than 14 cubic feet, it has cut our electricity bill by 15% compared to our old freezer.
  27. Design
    Just the right size

    By: Randy on 12/29/2010

    Bought this freezer @ HH Gregg and got a great deal on it. It is just my wife and I so we didn't need a huge freezer. This one is mid-size frost free. It works as advertized and have had no problems with it. I like the digital controls on the outside; the only thing I wish Frigidaire would have done instead of putting 1 to 7 for the temp settings is put the actual temperure for setting the temp. Other than that this is a good Freezer for the price I paid.
  28. Design
    35 years!

    By: Alan on 12/24/2010

    We've had a smaller up-right freezer like this one for 35 years--that's 35 years without a service call! We got this new one to replace it only because it is more energy efficient and because it is a little larger, has good interior lighting and convenient shelving. It's great!
  29. Design
    My favorite new Appliance

    By: Chubs on 12/24/2010

    Thank you for a great new freezer with a light inside, no defrosting, WOW I'm in heaven. Waited a long time for my husband to breakdown & replace the old freezer that needed to be defrosted about once a monthe with a hairdryer. Thank you Frigidaire for this great freezer.
  30. Design

    By: Kathy on 12/23/2010

    So far, this has been an excellent freezer - size and features.
  31. Design

    By: chuck on 12/21/2010

    I have owned Frigidiare products in the past and have always been satisfied. This freezer is no exception. It operates great right out of the box and have had no compaints. I will continue to purchase Frigidaire appliances when needed in the future.
  32. Design
    Just Right

    By: Heattrip on 12/21/2010

    This is a great replacement for my old Freezer, runs quite and on a very low setting.
  33. Design
    Don't even know it's there!

    By: Snortbanger on 12/21/2010

    GREAT, Quite an best of all, you hardly know that it is there till you need it!
  34. Design
    Couldn't Live Without It ! ! !

    By: AJ on 12/21/2010

    I am extremely happy with my freezer. It is very economical to run and I finally have the room to take advantage of those extra special sales on chicken, beef, pork, fish and even bread. Since it is an upright, there is no more bending over and digging through a chest freezer to find something that is buried so deep you will never find it again. The bright light makes everything very easy to find. Also, no defrosting is an added plus. All in all, thank you for designing a wonderful freezer.
  35. Design
    upright freezer

    By: pepper on 12/21/2010

    The freezer is large inside for its size. Runs quiet and the alarm and digital readout are nice.
  36. Design
    upright freezer

    By: willow on 12/21/2010

    I love my freezer. It has lots of room. It's easy to use. and i got it at costco so it has a great warranty. I would definetly recommend it.
  37. Design
    Upright freezer

    By: Dick on 12/20/2010

    I love that I do not need to defrost the freezer. The shelves are easy to remove and the basket is a nice feature. There is plenty of space for a small freezer.
  38. Design
    Review of Freezer

    By: Bill on 12/20/2010

    We are very happy with our new upright freezer. We like the frost free feature and the alerts that show on the outside. It has maintained zero very consistently.
  39. Design

    By: Terry on 12/17/2010

    I have had the feezer for about 3years and no trouble at all. Keeps my frozen foods in good order, its very quiet, easy to locate the food you are looking for, wide selves,door storage, and bin sorage at the bottom . In a word (Outstanding).