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  1. Design
    Does the job perfectly, two small improvements

    By: SimonNYC on 12/20/2010

    My wife and I live in a small Manhattan apartment and we have an 18 month old child. We bought this dishwasher because washing all the milk bottles and food dishes became overwhelming. This dishwasher met our expectations: - It does a great job cleaning dishes - It doesn't take up a lot of room and it is easy to move around - The tubing and electric cord are easy to retract - The 'snap' connector makes it quick and easy to attach to the faucet. Two small improvements could be made. - The cutlery holder is in the middle and not to the side where it would be less in the way. - I really miss having a spray nozzle on my faucet; I have been unable to locate a female snap connector that I could attach a spray nozzle to. It would be really great if they provided such a female snap adapter with the dishwasher. To be clear, we love the dishwasher and we highly recommend it, especially for people with smaller apartments.