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4 Reviews

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  1. Design

    By: POOR CHOICE on 10/20/2012

    A Poor Choice for a cook top because the decals ( Knobs and Surfaces) wipe of within weeks of use. The burners are cast Al and will not clean up in a normal manner so an abrasive midea is needed. Sometimes a GAS smell on the LP Model will linger for Hours with the valve in the off position.
  2. Design
    good thought, not the best execution

    By: missem on 2/29/2012

    I purchased this range in Fall 2011 to replace an old four burner cooktop that two eyes weren't working and the gas regulator was bad. I wanted a five burner range and this seemed perfect at the time. First, the quality of the materials is excellent. The grates are sturdy and easy to remove for cleaning. I have been very pleased with the appearance and durability of it so far. My problem with this cooktop is the five burners. Though it seems like a great feature, the problem is that the spacing is too small between the burners. If I am using the middle burner (the one with the "quick boil" feature) with anything larger than a small saucepan, I cannot use any of the other burners at that time because other pots or pans won't fit on the stove above the burners. So when you are cooking, this item is either a one burner or a four burner cooktop. I gave it it 2 stars for design and 3 stars for feature because of this issue.