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Frigidaire Professional 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker


37 reviews


Stainless-Steel Exterior

Sleek, modern stainless-steel exterior and carafe handle.

Coffee Strength Selector

With settings from Regular to Strong, it brews the way you like it.

24-Hour Programmable Start Option

Program the coffee maker so coffee is ready when you are.

PowerPlus® Brewing System

Distributes hot water evenly throughout the brewing process for more flavor.

Side-View Water Level Indicator

No more messes or spills. You can quickly see if it’s empty or full.

Reusable Gold-Tone Filter Basket

Permanent cone-shaped, gold-tipped metal filter makes coffee taste better and is easier to clean.



  • Power Type: Electric
  • Size: N/A
  • Installation Type: Countertop
  • Collection: Frigidaire Professional

Coffee Maker

  • Cups (Coffee Cups): 12 cups
  • Carafe Material: Glass
  • Filter Type: Gold-Tone
  • Shower Head Technology: Water Grid
  • Locking Lid: Yes
  • Coffee Timer: Yes
  • Water Filter: Yes

Exterior Specifications

  • Handle Design: Ergonomic


  • Auto Shut-Off: Yes

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Product Specifications Sheet

Propietario completa Guía

Guide d'utilisation complet

Feuille de spécifications du produit

37 Reviews

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  1. Design
    Died less than 6 months after purchased new

    By: Ian on 6/1/2014

    How exactly do you make something of such poor quality? It just stopped working. No indication as to why. I have been meticulous about cleaning and simply using it to brew coffee. You press "brew" and nothing happens. Normally I would thing maybe I just got a bad egg but logging on here to see if anyone else has had this problem and find 35 other reviews that say the same thing tells me we just have a bad product. Note I'm writing this at 6:50 am without coffee.....time to break out the old melita filter and pot and brew the way my parents did....
  2. Design
    Coffee maker just stopped working

    By: slm on 2/12/2014

    This is not a way to start the morning. I have had this coffee less than a year. The lights are on but it stopped brewing. Also there is some corrosion around the lid. So strange. Not happy that I have to buy a new one already.
  3. Design
    Don't Do It!

    By: DeborahK on 2/5/2014

    I purchased this on 01 Feb 2014 the first pot of coffee was Luke Warm! The filter does not filter. Coffee is my only vice, I am very sad! :(
  4. Design
    DON'T DO IT!!

    By: Linda on 1/13/2014

  5. Design
    quit after 8 months

    By: jap on 11/13/2013

    Purchased this coffee maker in March 2013 and now in November it has stopped brewing. The last pot, which was made for guests, was barely warm. The next pot would not perk at all. Frigidaire was once a good product, what happened?
  6. Design
    4 dead soldiers

    By: Docholiday320 on 10/18/2013

    I have 4 of these sitting in my garage dead all lasted less than a year. Any where from 3 to 6 months tops. Don't buy this machine!
  7. Design
    looks good ,costs alot but no worky.

    By: Stinky on 9/26/2013

    this is our second one, first one quit after 11 months, fridgidaire sent a replacment and that quit today. Same problem as the other reviews. The lights are on but no one is home. Time to buy a Mr.Coffee.
  8. Design
    Not perfect

    By: Jim on 9/17/2013

    The coffee is OK but an inch of water stays in the reservoir, That can't be very sanitary. Also, the pot is impossible to empty completely. I have no idea how the more technical aspects work so I cannot comment on that. If there was a product features booklet, I have lost it.
  9. Design
    good until it stops working

    By: Brandy on 9/9/2013

    I have had this coffee maker for less than a year and as many of the other reviews have said, it stops working before 1 year passes. For such an expensive coffee maker, I would have expected a longer lifespan. The coffee machine still turns on and has power to it, but it just refuses to brew coffee.
  10. Design
    Looks good, works bad

    By: jda7621 on 7/6/2013

    Third time is not the "charm". Set the timer last night, went to the kitchen this morning and NOTHING! This is the 3rd coffee maker and the same issue. Power on but, NO COFFEE! Time to end the Frigidaire Coffee maker experience. Like other posts the Carafe also leaks when you pour your coffee.
  11. Design
    where do I begin?

    By: Hildy on 7/2/2013

    I have so many issues with this coffee pot. First, the coffee maker leaked when you removed the pot mid-brew in spite of the brew pause feature. I used my warrantee and was sent a replacement maker. The new maker doesn't leak but it beeps to indicate it's done brewing when it's still brewing with about 5 minutes to go. When I brew a full 12 cup pot I get only 10 cups and have to add water at the end of the brew cycle while is spews steam at me. And there's the hole in the back to prevent over filling so you can add extra water to compensate at the beginning. How they could not have figured that you need to add more water to compensate for evaporation is beyond me. Then, after about 5 months the change filter message came on so I ordered a 12 pack of filters. I changed the filter the message went away a brewed a second pot and the message came back on. I even unplugged the pot to reset the system. All that did was make me have enter the time and my preferences again. I thought maybe it was the filter so I changed it again same result. So now I'll never know when the filter needs to be replaced.
  12. Design
    Just suddenly STOPPED

    By: Ely on 5/30/2013

    I have used this coffeemaker religiously for the last seven or eight months. This morning, I went to get my coffee (it was on an automatic timer) and NOTHING. It SAID it was brewing the coffee, but it wasn't doing anything. I checked the machine. Unplugged it. Replugged it. Emptied the water. Refilled it. Nothing. I can't figure out how to make it work again. Now, after reading the reviews, I am realizing I will have to get myself a new one. I am beyond upset.
  13. Design
    Lasted about 6 mos

    By: John G. on 5/7/2013

    Just thought I would confirm what everybody else is saying. Bought mine last November, here in May it just stopped working. Turns on, shows brewing cycle has begun - but NaDa. What a waste of money!
  14. Design
    Failed after ten months

    By: Cliff on 4/26/2013

    I generally like the design and feature set of the coffee maker. But, any home appliance that fails in normal use in less than a year is unacceptable. In the case of my coffee maker, I filled it with water and coffee per instructions and then pressed the start button. As I finished my juice and English muffin, I arose to get my coffee. but the carafe was empty with the brew indicator still on. No manner of plugging, unplugging etc., helped.
  15. Design
    Died after a few months

    By: Ed on 3/4/2013

    Like others, I really liked this coffee maker but the pump died after a few months. There is clearly some kind of defect in the manufacture of these pumps but they will probably just issue a new model with the same problem. Shame, it is nice looking and brews good coffee.
  16. Design
    Old saying

    By: Mick33 on 2/20/2013

    The old saying is "Stupidity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Well, call me stupid, I just turned in my second one for a third one. The first one lasted four months, the second lasted three months. Works well for awhile, then it quits. Also, I tried to register the warranty online, and it wanted a valid model number and serial number, which I had entered!
  17. Design
    it quit working before a year was up

    By: carlos on 2/14/2013

    The coffeemaker was working for the first use in the morning and it will not work for the second pot. Bought in June 2012 and the warranty is pretty much useless - as is the coffeemaker now. And the carafe's break with the slighest tap on a hard surface.
  18. Design
    Good but bad

    By: Tim on 2/13/2013

    Great looking, makes very good and hot coffee but only lasted about 6 months. What a shame.
  19. Design

    By: Jean on 11/11/2012

    I am disappointed from this maker... After few months, it started to leave water in the dispenser... Resulting in sour tasting coffee.... And the time to brew one cup of coffee is now over 30-minutes.... I do not recommend this maker...
  20. Design
    Short Life Span

    By: Karen on 11/9/2012

    I was given this coffe pot as a gift in April. I was very pleased with it....my coffee tasted great! Unfortunately, the coffee maker only lasted approximately 6 months. The front dial lights up but the water does not heat nor does it get pumped up to brew. I have read a couple reviews describing this exact problem. Needless to say, I will not buy another one. 6 months is too short of a life span for a coffeemaker which is used once per day. Sorry Frigidaire!
  21. Design
    The Perfect Coffee Maker

    By: Catlady on 9/29/2012

    I love this coffee maker. I had a different brand coffee maker for 10 years and then it pooped out on me. I was bummed that I was forced to have to find a replacement. Well, now I am pleased my previous (other brand) coffee maker died. The taste of my coffee has improved, easy to use and clean, and it looks great! A little tall and barely fits underneath my kitchen cabinet, but I could not be more pleased with this product. Great job Frigidaire. I highly recommend this coffee maker.
  22. Design
    Not the best

    By: martine1969 on 9/29/2012

    Like others reviews, my coffe maker didn't last. I love the features and the design, but quality, they need to work on that.
  23. Design
    Not Good

    By: Coffee Lover on 9/2/2012

    The coffee maker makes great coffee, very flavorfull. However, the lid kept coming off the hinge after only a few uses. Despite really good coffee, I returned this for a refund. The coffee maker didn't last a week in my home. Frigidaire has a good idea, but took a few short-cuts that make the coffee maker a no-go.
  24. Design
    Not built to last

    By: DaveSetfor on 8/29/2012

    This was decent while it lasted. (I liked the controls for temperature and strength.) But all of a sudden, it stopped working. Very frustrating because I bought it earlier this year.
  25. Design
    Great Value

    By: Tony Apf on 8/27/2012

    I needed to replace my Mr. Coffee and looked extenxively for a quality Coffee brewer. After doing many comparisons of the poular brands, I stumbled upon the Frigidaire model. The Frigidaire model caught my eye with its styling and the extra, but easy to use functions. My first cup was amazing and opened my eyes to what a true cup of home brwewd coffee should taste like. I only buy the organic coffee, and the brewing process of the Frigidaire brought out all of the flavors in a Peruvian bean. My only complaint is that the hinge on the lid weakened after a mont, and doesnt stay open by itself. A monor inconvienence for a great cup of joe. Moderately priced and well worth the money. Thanks Frigidaire, for adding this much needed appliance to your list of products
  26. Design
    Lasted 3 months

    By: Ken on 8/17/2012

    I bought my second Frigidaire Coffee Maker in May, 2012. The previous one lasted 4 months and died in April. Since I loved it (while it worked) I decided to take a chance on a new one. Unfortunately, this one died in the same way. (The display still lights up but coffee is not pumped and not heated.) When I looked at customer reviews (including at least one at this site) I discovered many people experiencing the same defect. I hope Frigidaire figures out the problem with this unit and fixes it. Until then, please be warned that you may experience bad reliability.
  27. Design
    Loved it...until it quit

    By: TeamNextGen on 7/11/2012

    I've never been happy with any of the various coffee makers we've owned,until we bought this model.I love the way it looks,performs well and is easy to use. A few days ago,it failed to produce any coffee.The display indicates brewing like normal,and you can hear the usual faint clikcing noise(thermostat or relay clicking on/off I'm assuming?),but the burner plate doesn't get hot and apparently the water isn't being heated either,as it doesn't get pushed up the tube into the drip head. Hopefully this is not a common problem,but I'd have a hard time buying another or recommending it.
  28. Design
    Great Coffee Maker

    By: Jan on 6/5/2012

    Well, I've finally give up on the Bunn coffee makers, after about 10 years of returning about 5. This time around I choose this new coffee maker and I love it. It's quick to brew and the coffee taste great. Loving my morning coffee. Thanks
  29. Design
    Update on Drips review

    By: llg on 4/6/2012

    I just wanted to give an update on my past review "Drips". I was contacted by the company with them expressing their concern for my issue. I was asked to contact their Small Appliance Dept. where I spoke with the kindest Representative. She apologized for my problems and assured me that they would send me a replacement pot right away. I received my replacement in about a week and it's perfect! No drips! I am very happy I called and very happy with the response of the company!!! Thanks!
  30. Design
    Great Pot, but Can't Figure Out Warmer

    By: Coffee Gal on 3/6/2012

    I just bought this coffee pot yesterday while browsing at Best Buy. I love the features accept I have the warmer set for 120 min and do not finish my coffee in that time. I cannot figure out how to turn the warmer back on to keep the coffee hot for awhile longer. The manual doesn't seem to explain that well. Can someone help??
  31. Design

    By: llg on 2/20/2012

    The coffee maker works in all areas well and the coffee is nice and hot. We have it set on strong coffee and the lowest setting on the burner. If we set the burner at medium or high the coffee burns fast and doesn't taste good. It's a nice looking unit and not overly large. The problem is the coffee pot (carafe) drips. It doesn't matter if you pour slow or fast, it will drip every time. There's always a puddle of coffee on the counter and trailing wherever you take the pot. I have to wipe the pot before I place in back into the coffee maker so it doesn't drip on the heating plate and burn. Today while cleaning the carafe I noticed under the plastic ring that caps off the glass and holds the lid, there is a clear silicone seal that I'm guessing is suppose to a. attach the plastic top to the glass and b. seal the two together. Well there is a gap of about an inch and a half and of course the gap is in the pour area near the spout. Could this be causing the leak? Maybe, but either way it is a pain to clean up the counter after every pour.
  32. Design
    Great coffeemaker !

    By: Dave on 12/22/2011

    We love our coffee, our old Bunn NHBB was starting to leak, and lets face it, it's an expensive unit too run having a water heater that runs 24/7. So the search began for it's replacement....after much reading and research we ordered the Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central, later that day a friend told me that her's almost caught on fire!!! back to the internet, searched for that model and fire and surprise, surprise....seems the Cuisinart company has had many an issue with smoking/fire...UPS took that one back!! So back to the drawing board, while picking up a laptop that was being repaired at Bestbuy I spied this little beauty, I know the company well, we have several of their products, never any issues. Let's start from the beginning, the unboxing, it is packed really well, after a quick reading of the instructions we ran the initial cleaning run through..and onto the COFFEE!! We were both really impressed with the temperature of the coffee, it is spot on, for a unit without a 24/7 heater it is truely impressive. The carafe heater has two options, regular and hi, we use high and up too two hours later we have hot coffee. The only negative I can think of is the area where you pour your water in, it is a bit on the small side and fully emptying the carafe can be difficult, but with that being said I will be buying this unit again if and when this unit fails. FYI...to brew ten cups it takes about 8-9 minutes at regular brew strength (nice option) and you can go do other things while you wait, it beeps three time to let you know it's COFFEE TIME !!! You'll have too excuse me...I'm off to get another cup of coffee....