Hear Why

People everywhere are making the switch to Frigidaire induction.


Get meals to the table faster

Brings water to a boil in less than 2 minutes with our elements featuring induction technology.

Reduce clean-up time

It heats the pan, not the cooktop - so spills can't burn on.

Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy bill with our induction cooktop that is 70% more efficient than cooking with gas and 20% more efficient than cooking with electric.

More Responsive

Cooking with induction is more responsive than gas or electric so you can easily go from simmer to boil.

Cooking Versatility

Gentle enough to melt chocolate and powerful enough to boil water, so it’s great for entertaining or getting dinner on the table quickly.

Cookware Compability

Most stainless steel and cast iron cookware is compatible with induction elements. An easy rule of thumb: if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, it’s induction-friendly.

Induction Appliances