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    DIY David

    We switched from a glass-top electric range to this nicely designed professional range. The gas burners offer so much more control over the heat, and really make the experience fun again. The large center burner is where I tend to cook most with my cast-iron pan and it’s surprising how fast if gets the iron up to temperature. The touch controls took a bit to get used to, but now it’s so much easier having a nice clean interface that can be wiped down easily and touched with a knuckle to keep greasy hands off the controls. The oven pre-heats fast and really holds temperature well, and the top doesn’t radiate heat and warm up the entire kitchen like our old range did. Overall, it’s hard to believe this range slid right into the same slot as the last one because it feels so much bigger and more professional, it’s a huge upgrade and we couldn’t be happier with how much easier it is to make great meals with this gas range.

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    Ashley Thurman

    The Frigidaire Professional® Gas Range is a dream to cook on. The PowerPlus® Burner and Convection Oven give you the ability to cook with ease and produce quality meals. I love the overall look of the gas range. It provides an industrial restaurant feel without the need for remodeling your kitchen; everything fit perfectly into our spaces. I truly feel like I have a chef's kitchen with an affordable price tag.

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    Ashley Thurman

    The Frigidaire Professional® French Door Refrigerator makes storing food hassle-free. With the SpacePro™ Shelving System, there is always an easy way to get everything organized and in sight. The air in the refrigerator never smells stale with the PureAir® Filtration System. With the PureSource® Ultra II Water Filtration I can eliminate the desire for bottled water with such clean, tasty water available right at my fridge door. The dual ice makers have been fantastic to have on hand when company comes over, we never run out of ice.

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    DIY David

    A few of the features that really sold this refrigerator for us were the dual ice makers, smudge-proof finish, and compact counter-depth design. The dual ice-makers fill up fast and with the fast-freeze setting on, both containers go from empty to full within a few hours. This refrigerator has a huge amount of organization with a well-lit interior that makes everything easy to find. The shelves and drawers are fully adjustable and also have flip-up and slide under portions that make a huge difference for strange sized items. The bright LED lights and touch controls make it feel modern and really polished. One thing to note: Due in part to the second ice-maker this is not energy star, although it’s got an estimate $87/year cost which is great for the massive amount of great features. Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking to maximize your storage space and organization, host guests and blow through the ice, and want something that will look incredibly upscale and modern in your kitchen.

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    DIY Dave

    This dishwasher replaced an older Bosch model which we thought was quiet at the time, but the first time I turned this one on I had to check twice to make sure it was running. Although it does make a bit of noise during the rinse cycle, it’s still quiet enough to have a full conversation right next to it without having to raise your voice at all. The touch controls along the top edge make the front look clean and seamless and with the 30 minute cleaning cycle dishes are done and ready to put away much faster than most other comparable models. The 30 minute cycle isn’t meant for the large loads, the energy efficient 90 minute cycle is much better for that purpose, and the air-dry option should only be used if you plan to wait a few hours after it’s done to unload because those dishes stay wet for a while in there. The racks are nice and open, with plenty of adjustable areas to accommodate different sized plates and pans making loading much easier and more efficient. The smudge-proof finish still shows sticky handprints, but it’s easy to clean and looks great. Overall, if you want an incredibly quiet dishwasher with plenty of adjustable space this is a great option.

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    DIY David

    This microwave was a replacement for our old worn-out version, and the difference is night and day. The stainless steel looks great, and the smooth touch controls blend in for a really clean looking interface. The upgrade to a microwave with convection feature was something we didn’t know we wanted until we got it. Having a small oven right above the stove is so useful for when you don’t need to fire up the large oven. Baking potatoes, cookies (2 full cookie sheets fit in there), even just keeping food warm is so easy and doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen. The stainless steel inside is also great for clean-up and the diamond pattern looks great in there as well. Overall, we’re thrilled with the upgrade for both looks and functionality.


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