Frigidaire Window-Mounted Compact Room Air Conditioner


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Plug Type LCDI 5-15P

Plug Type LCDI 5-15P


Quickly Cools

Quickly Cools

Quickly cool a room on hot days.

Multi-Speed Fan

Multi-Speed Fan

Features three different fan speeds, for more cooling flexibility.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode

With Sleep Mode, the temperature gradually increases a few degrees over the evening, saving energy and creating a comfortable environment during the evening hours.

Effortless™ Temperature Control

Effortless™ Temperature Control

Our air conditioners maintain the preset room temperature, so you will remain comfortable at all times.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Offers you the flexibility to control the temperature and fan speed from anywhere in the room.

Effortless™ Clean Filter

Effortless™ Clean Filter

Our antibacterial filter reduces bacteria, room odors and other airborne particles for a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Power Cord

Power Cord

Alert notifies you when your filter needs to be cleaned so you don't have to keep track of it yourself.

Effortless™ Restart

Automatically resumes operating at its previous settings when power is restored to your unit.

Clean Filter Alert

Clean Filter Alert

Alert notifies you when your filter needs to be cleaned so you don't have to keep track of it yourself.

Ready-Select® Controls

Ready-Select® Controls

Easily select options with the touch of a button.

Electronic Controls

Allow you to set the comfort level to your preference, while a convenient temperature readout displays the set temperature.


General Specifications

  • Filter Type: Anti-Bact Mesh
  • Warranty: 1 Year Full/5 Year Sealed System
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Window Height (Min.): 15-1/2"
  • Window Width Min. (Max.): 23" - 36"
  • Product Weight (lbs): 60
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 68
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Size: N/A
  • Installation Type: Window Mounted
  • Collection: Frigidaire

AC Specifications

  • Fan Speeds (Cool): 3
  • Fan Speed (Fan): 3
  • Low Voltage Start-Up: Yes
  • Auto Cool Function: Yes
  • Energy Saver: Yes
  • Filter Check: Yes
  • Remote Control: Full Function
  • Air CFM (High): 290
  • Motor RPM (High): 1,445
  • Motor RPM (Med): 1,320
  • Motor RPM (Low): 1,217
  • Air Direction Control: 8-Way
  • Fresh Air: No
  • Exhaust Vent: Yes
  • Vents Closed: Yes
  • Filter Access: Tilt-Out
  • Cabinet Louvers: Yes
  • Window Mounting Kit: Pleated Quick Mount


  • BTU (Cool): 10,000
  • Dehumidification (Pints/Hour): 2.7
  • Cool Area (Sq. Ft.): 500
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.8
  • Performance Certification: AHAM

Certifications & Approvals

  • Safety Certification: UL/CUL (SA11087)

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage Rating: 115V, 60Hz
  • Amps (Cool): 9.4
  • Watts (Cool): 1,020
  • Power Cord Length: 6' (6-1/2')
  • Plug Type: LCDI 5-15P


  • Control Location: Center
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Controls: Electronic

Guides & Manuals

Complete Owner's Guide

Wiring Diagram

Installation Instructions

Product Specifications Sheet

Energy Guide

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Instructions d'installation

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  1. Design
    Remote Sensing

    By: Max on 6/24/2013

    I have only good things to say about this A/C. Strange that the first reviewer had such a major problem with it. I don't experience any splashing water sounds. Perhaps I properly tilted the unit so the water is expelled from the inside of the unit. Fan speeds are loud if you set it higher than the Low Speed setting but I'm not too bothered by that. Now the best feature is the remote control. The remote control monitors actual room temperature. There are buttons to Start or Stop the Remote Sensing feature on the remote control. You point the remote towards the A/C unit, set your desired temperature from the remote and then where it says Remote Sensing you press start. Now the remote control communicates directly with the A/C unit. I set my remote at some distance from the unit in the same room. I also keep it pointed in the direction of the unit since they are communicating with each other. You'll even notice a red blinking light at the tip of the remote control every minute or so. That indicates the remote is in Remote Sensing mode. There will also be a light on the A/C unit indicating the same. Even better if you switch on the Energy Saver feature. This way once the Unit reaches your desired temperature, the Unit and Fan will both shut off. I prefer the Remote Sensing feature because the temperature setting is way more accurate since the remote control itself is getting an accurate reading of the temperature in the room. Great feature. I always operate the A/C in Remote Sensing mode. Otherwise the A/C is not too accurate with that feature off.
  2. Design
    Noisy and poor room temp control

    By: Alex on 10/25/2012

    I just got this unit as a replacement for an 8 year old Frigidaire 10k btu unit. Two differences between the units is this model is significantly narrower and uses R410A refrigerant instead of the "ozone unfriendly" R22. I believe both of these factors have resulted in the noise increase others have reported on various review sites. And make no mistake, this is a loud unit you wouldn't want to sleep in the same room with. This next paragraph is really for engineering types: There's a big push within the AC industry to increase efficiency. However the change from R22 to R410A results in a efficiency decrease (due to the higher operating pressures of 410A vs "freon", causing the compressor to have to work harder = more power for the same cooling). To compensate, manufacturers have redesigned the condensers (the "hot" radiator) to be larger to help keep the high side pressure as low as possible (directly related to how hot the radiator gets). You see this in central air units where the outside component is massive compared to 20 years ago. However, this window unit is smaller than my older unit. If you make the unit smaller, you can't have a large radiator. Also the fan size goes down, the volume of air for a given fan speed is lower. So the only other option to stop the efficiency tanking is to increase the volume of air moving through the condenser (spin the smaller fan much faster). But you get a lot more fan noise by doing this, and that's exactly what you get with this unit. Now, when you run the fan on the lowest speed, it's far more reasonable. With a sound meter you get the following sound levels at a few feet away: Fan max 61db Fan min 53db Unit off 21db (ambient room noise) On max fan, the minimum noise level was 55db anywhere at the furthest distance in my room. For those not so familiar with db sound levels, an increase of 3db is approximately twice as loud. So 53 to 61 makes it about 2.5x as loud on high as on low. The lowest fan setting is much more tolerable, but because the fan is quieter you do hear water splashing sounds from the (deliberate) design of the fan kicking up condensation and splashing it over the condenser. The cooler your condenser, the lower your AC bill, but again at the cost of some extra noise. Lower fan speed also means less efficiency, so when it's blazing hot outside, you'll probably be forced to run it at the higher speeds. The high fan speed is so loud, it masks the water splashing for the most part. Another problem is the temperature control permits wide swings in room temp. The interior room temp today was 79.5F and the unit would not turn on to cool at a setting of 69. I had to take it down to 67 to get it started. Once it does switch on it then overcools the room because of the low setting. I'm not sure how much better other units do at this, but this is pretty poor. All in all, I would weakly recommend this AC unit (it does cool the air) but it can only go in an environment where there isn't a need for quiet and where you don't mind frequently tweaking the controls. I would not recommend this unit for a bedroom (for noise and comfort reasons), and I'd have reservations about it in a living room, especially for a hot climate where it has to work at the high fan speeds. I'd encourage you to preview the unit in person before buying if you can and hear it for yourself.
  3. Design

    By: Yuss on 8/10/2012

    Window unit is probably the best I've ever had. Lots of great features built into a small, compact really, unit that saves space and performs well. I'm really pleased with it both for price and design. Thanks!